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Letters From The Fleet: BSG Re-cap

I’ve decided to call the Battlestar Galactica Update “Letters From The Fleet” so here we go.

Last night’s episode was by far one of the best I’ve seen…ever. it was a HUGE revolution in the BSG story. I’m going to go ahead and say this:

so nobody gets pissy with me because they havent seen the episode yet. If you havent, download it, catch it on scifi, or find a friend who TIVO’d it. (If you have friends with tivo, you’re lucky, most of mine still use VHS tapes, but thats a different post all together) anyway, on to the episode!

- SHOCK #1 : After Ellen Tigh’s betrayal of the resistance (and her screwing a cylon, which, can I say, ewww) Anders tells Colonel Tigh “you know what has to be done” and storms off. Then comes a very tender scene in which Ellen appologizes, confesses everything (including the…ewww) and begs forgiveness. Saul (Cl. Tigh) holds her as she cries and hands her a cup of coffee. She drinks it and starts to become sleepy. Then we realize..oh frack. Ellen Tigh is dead, poisoned by her husband. I rarely want to cry when watching television, but the sadness that emanated from this scene… I caught a tear.

-The Rescue: Quite possibly one of the most amazing effects sequences on television. The Galactica jumping to the the atmosphere of New Caprica, launching fighters and then jumping back into space seconds before slamming into the ground…..wow.

-SHOCK #2: When 4 Cylon Baseships gang up on Galactica, damaging thier FTL (Faster Than Light) drive. Adama wishes his crew farewell “Its been an honor”… The camera pulls away as mournful music wishes our friend, the Galactica a farewell…. Only to reveal the Pegasus open fire and destroy a Baseship. Suddenly the Galactica has hope as Lee Adama saves his father’s ass.
The battle rages and the Galactica jumps to safety. The Pegasus manages to take out another Baseship before the it’s damage becomes critical. Lee and his crew abandon ship and jump to safety as the Pegasus slams into a Baseship causing a huge explosion that sends a chunk of the Pegasus into the other Baseship. so if you’re keeping count, 4 Cylon ships destroyed, no cylon fleet guarding New Caprica. Alas, the Pegasus is no more.

-Bittersweet: Kara(Starbuck) is rescued, and after she kills her cylon captor, she takes Kaycee and flees with her husband Anders. When they arrive on Galactica, Kaycee’s real mother sees her and takes her from Kara. Kaycee had been taken away from her human mother and used to brainwash Kara. Kara is last seen choking back tears. Colonel Tigh returns to Galactica without his wife. Admiral Adama shaves off his moustache..just when I was beggining to like it.

-BAD NEWS: The Cylons have boomers baby now. goodnews is, Balter was left behind.


A Pleasant Suprise

I’m flipping through Ex-Gay Watch and I come across this post which features a video done by a “Dan Rickard” for a college class. The subject of the film is, of course, the ex-gay movement and his own experiences with their destructive rhetoric. I watch the 8 minute video and I almost fall out of my chair because the last 1 1/2 minutes of the video is footage of me. Not figuratively, really.. me. Its taken from an interview I did with a BBC film crew about a year ago. I tried to contact Mr. Rickard in order to get a digital copy of the interview, but alas, i haven’t heard back from him.

Here is the video:


Comments fixed

If you’ve tried to comment before, but decided against it, take heart! I have disabled the feature that requires you to register to post a comment. hopefull this wont bring too many spam comments to me, but now everyone has a fair shot.


Zach’s TV Roundup Yeee haaaw

Alot of TV watching this week, so lets get started:

Battlestar Galactica: After a small re-hash of what happened last week, we resume the story to find that that the “Toasters” never got to fire on Laura Roslyn as the resistance fighters opened fire on the cylons and killed them before they had a chance. The rescue mission planned by Admiral Adama begins with Boomer infiltrating the Cylon base to get the launch keys for the ships on the ground. She is discovered by Number 3 (Lucy Lawless) and #3 tells Boomer that her child is still alive. Boomer doesnt believe her and shoots her in the legs.
This was another great episode from the BSG writing team. They kept us in suspense from last week and now my fingers are clenching my chair to see the next episode! A couple of things though: I’m tired of Fat Lee Adama, he really needs some space atkins or something. Fat Lee Adama
and 2.. Where did the Chief’s beard go? it was there and then poof, its gone…

Where is the beard?


Wendnesday Night Riot Returns

After finally assembling a (small) cast, the date has been set for the first Wednesday Night Riot Improv Comedy Show!
Join the Gay guy, The Jew and The Latino for a show you wont forget!

When: November 8th 7:30pm

Where: 22nd St Caberet (contact info:710 22nd St So Birmingham, AL 35233 – 205.252.0407)

Why: Because we can!



I’m sitting there listening to Gen. Wesley Clarklambast the Bush administration and how they’ve mis-handled…well… everything. The downtown democrats are all sitting in rapt attention, applauding when polite. I’m sitting at a table with Aunt Kathy, several democratic candidates for one thing or another and of course, Patricia Todd. Suddenly I hear the faint pulses of a song i cant quite recognize. Patricia Todd begins fumbling nervously through her purse. It dawned on me.. it was her cell phone! Then, as she pulled her phone out of her purse to shut it off, i realized i recognized the song. Patricia Todd, The first openly gay state representative in Alabama, the first white person to be elected in a majority black district in over 20 years… has “Holla Back Girl” as her ringtone. I LIVE for this shit.


A Moral Dillema?

This story involves 5 people, Me, “John”, “Bob”, “Hector” and “Rick”. Of course the names arent real, but im not going to put any more people in danger than already are.
I’ve been seeing “Bob” on and off for about 2 months, nothing deeply serious, but he is a good friend. On a date with Bob last week, he mentioned that his roomate John is HIV positive and may have been fucking around with people bareback and not telling them about his status. Bob mentioned a friend of John, “Hector” has been fooling around on him even though Hector has a boyfriend. I asked Bob is Hector’s boyfriend was named “Rick”. Bob said that it was. I was in a relationship with Rick for quite sometime. In fact Rick started his relationship with Hector very soon after he and I ended our relationship. I told Bob this and he looked shocked. “You might want to tell him that Hector has been fooling around with John, I dont know how safe they’ve been, or even if John has told Hector about his HIV status.” I knew that if I told Rick what was going on, i would probably be accused of trying to start ‘drama’. Its no secret that I have no love for Hector. I wrestled with the issue for a few days before coming to the conclusion that Rick had to be told. Today I did. Rick is scared, angry and still doesnt know whether to believe me or not. Hector got online and threatened to hurt Bob saying “i aint gonna be happy till your weak ass boyfriend has blood on his fucking clothes. See how fast it takes me to beat this nelly ass bitch down fucker”. It should be mentioned that Hector is in his teens, Rick, his mid 20′s and Bob, his 30′s. The question is, did i do the right thing by telling Rick? Rick is probably mad as hell at me, Hector and John are threatening to beat up Bob… i’m stressed out. John has started saying that I asked him to come over and have sex with me bareback, or that i’m lying, or Bob is lying because he doesnt like Hector. I just wanted Rick to have the information so he could protect himself and deal with the situation. Part of me wants to wash my hands of it, tell them all “Fuck it, i’ve done what i can”….did i do the right thing?



My chest hurts, my arms and legs hurt and my heart hurts.
It seems even though I asked if you would be too busy to have a relationship with me and you said no, that you are now too busy.
I hate when people air dirty laundry but I’m hurting and I need to express it somehow. When you moved here you were happy, we could finally spend time together instead of talking on the phone. but after 2 days at your job, 2 days, you have no more need for a relationship and have therefore discarded it. I should have known not to let my feelings get involved in anything. I hurt.


Oh The flu..

I woke up yesterday morning with a scratching feeling in the back of my throat.. and its gone downhill from there. I have my trusty box of dayquil (or its walgreens equivalent) some soothing piccolo music and i’m set. I feel better today than I did yesterday about this time. So here’s hoping that it will go by quickly. In the meantime I’m guest blogging over at Birmingham Blues so come see me there.

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