Gays just as bad as Straights

According to the Birmingham News this morning, gay and lesbian couples are just as likely to be involved in domestic violence as straight couples. The article deals with the tumultuous relationship between Deana Page and Rita Hinkle. Hinkle allegedly shot Page 15 times after she decided to leave Hinkle for her estranged husband. I applaud the Birmingham News for dealing with the issue. It’s high time the Mainstream Media (MSM) decided to deal with our relationships on an equal footing with straight relationships.

Open Thread: Have you experienced domestic violence in your relationship? How did support structures (shelters, Police etc.) treat your relationship as compared to straight couples?



Puntabulous Makes it into Top 3

My pick for the Gay Bloggies, Craig, has made it into the final 3! Go Give him a thumbs up!


The Poop: Gays prevent world peace.

null Poop Eggs Benedict released his papal World Peace Day statement (World Peace Day isnt until Jan 1st, but the Poop is cool like that). In the statement, he says that things like Nukes, and Pollution are all threats, but so are the gays. Oh and abortions too.
I’m beginning to think that Ol’s Benedict and Bush have the same speech writers. Or maybe both Bush’s and Ben’s writers are on strike too?

When Reached for comment by phone, Jesus said “Pope? I don’t know a Pope. Hold on, (calls off to the other room) Dad! Do we know a ‘Pope’?”

*Update: Yeah, I know its juvenile to call the Pope the Poop. And its sooo classy to demonize gays! Gimme a break.

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My Choice For Best Gay Blog Gets Voted Off The Island

nullThat’s right. D Michael, also known as CitizenDangerX received the fewest votes in the Gay Bloggies. I voted and you should have too, but alas its now down to four losers. Okay, maybe 2 losers. I have OMG blog and Puntabulous on my Google Reader list. Though OMG has gotten a little stupid over the past few weeks. Puntabulous is a guy named Craig who is just as nerdy and dorky as me. Oh, if I were single and he was into to sort-of-chubby-red-head-cubs, it would be gay nerd love explosion.
So now that my original pick is out, who am I choosing to promote for the Gay Bloggies?

Actually no. I’m not nominated. Thanks anyway.

No, vote for Craig from Puntabulous. He deserves it.


The Ramblin’ Rose: Christmas Dishes!

     Well, well, well. I see an old baggy whore made her way on to this lovely little site. Hey, Maj! It am is SO good to you (*immitates vomitting*)!

Well kids, instead going off on some silly rant or insulting everybody, except Maj, I’ve decided to share with you kids some extra special Christmas Recipes from Mama’s Personal Cookbook (and NO, Maj, none of them have arsenic as an ingredient!).

I hope you and yours enjoy these special treats!

*No Clue Cookies1-cup light corn syrup

1-cup sugar

1-cup peanut butter (smooth of chunky)

6-cups of Corn Flakes

In saucepan, mix sugar and syrup until it comes to a boil. Add peanut butter and corn flakes. Mix well. Pour into greased 9×13 pan. Cool in refrigerator 2-4 hours. Cut into squares.

*Forgotten Cookies*2 egg whites

*¾ cup sugar

*1 cup chopped pecans

Beat egg whites until stiff, gradually adding sugar while beating. Fold in chopped pecans. Drop by teaspoon on greased cookie sheet. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put cookies in oven; turn oven off. Leave cookies in all night.

*Granny’s Orange Bites*1 box vanilla wafers, well crumbled

*1 stick butter, melted

*1 box confectioner’s sugar

*1 small can frozen orange juice, thawed

*1 cup chopped pecans

* shredded coconut

Mix all ingredients. Do NOT dilute orange juice. Roll into small balls then roll in shredded coconut.

*Cream Cheese Bites*1 8-oz. package cream cheese, softened

*1 large box strawberry gelatin

*1 cup pecans, chopped very fine (optional)

*red colored sugar

Mix soften cream cheese and mix with gelatin and nuts. Let chill. Roll into bite size balls and then roll in red sugar. (Note: any flavor gelatin can be used: like lime for green balls. Colored sugar crystals should be available in a variety of colors in your local grocery store. Or, you may color granulated sugar with a drop of food coloring.)

Well, there ya go, kids! I hope these tasty holiday nibbles are a delight at your Christmas Party!

Until we talk again, kids!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Mama Ashliegh Rose Carlisle


Hot Guys: Monday Edition

here are some Hot Guys to perk up your Manic Monday.


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Bitter Party Of One : Reindeer S**t and the Christmas Season

Well kids,
You know that the old bitch is building a house and trying to keep it together for as long as she can (loosely–at best–with Band-Aids and bubble gum.) Well, here goes: I haven’t written a whole lot in the last two years because I haven’t had a lot to say. (LOL, believe it if you want.) It is Christmas time again, and the world is coming to a halt for that few minutes of peace on maj1.jpgearth and good will towards man kind; I guess that includes women too. We could just say “human,” but it doesn’t read as well.

Today, I was sitting enjoying my 3$ coffee with unlimited refills (decaf. only–by order of the state.) While I was enjoying the Sunday paper waiting for the groomers to finish my dog’s bath (I know what you’re thinking already: “What a horrible mother who won’t even bathe her own child!” but those of you who know me, know my idol is Mrs. Joan Crawford, and I finished first in her child-rearing classes at The La’ Petite Diva Academy) when I noticed that the paper weighed about 10 pounds, and only 3 sections had any news in it. The remains were Holiday ads and shopping pull-outs galore. Most were very clearly geared at letting you know just how much money to spend, to let the people in your life know just how much you love them.
As I was pouring over the “news” to see where things like the revised hate crimes bill, and NCLB recommitment, as well as the new proposed gas tax stood with our elected government bodies, I decided to scan my emails and read all of the different news letters to which I subscribe. I noticed that my favorite anti-homo group, the American Family Association (an off-shoot of the Westbro Baptist Church—despite claims to the contrary, facts and crusades match up in perfect harmony with the same facts and rants borrowed form the WBC and KKK websites) took a few moments off from gay-bashing and hate crimes to rant about how The Gap, Old Navy, and Khol’s refuse to use the word “Christmas” in their ads.
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Bear Pageant Drama!

pageantwinner.jpgWell get ready for more pageant drama! no it’s not Miss America, its that darling of the pageant world. Mr International Bear.
According to a Bear blogger who can speak this strange and fantastic language called “Espanol”, Adil Doukali, Mr. Bear Spain 2007, who was all set to go to the International Bear Rendezvous in San Francisco, went on a Spanish talk show and announced that he wasn’t gay!
“I someday hope to recover the good way, to have a woman and children” he said.
The organizers and the sponsors of the bear pageant have stripped him of his title. Apparently when filling out the entry form, he said that he was 100% gay.
So the issue here, I think, isn’t that the title was won by a bi-sexual man.
Who cares?! He still likes dick. But his comments were very disparaging.
“the right way” Mr. Doukali? What way are you on now? Well I can assure you, you’re headed north into southbound traffic with that kind of rhetoric. I’m glad they stripped him of his sash.
I’ve always said that bears are just drag queens with beards. It’s so true.


Protect Writer’s Marriages. Help End the Strike.


Oh Huckabee, Oh Huckabee, You Stand With So Much Bigotry

huckyou.jpgPresidential candidate and current republican darling Gov. Mike Huckabee’s campaign may be in a heap-a-trouble.
It seems that in 1992 Huckabee suggested that all AIDS patients should be isolated(AP).
He also felt that too much money was being spent on research and suggested that all the celebrities who were asking for more money for research shoul have paid from their own pocket. Of course, now he supports increasing funding research, but does a baptist ever really change his mind?
In 1992 he had some pretty nasty things to say about us homos:

From the AP Article:

Also in the wide-ranging AP questionnaire in 1992, Huckabee said, “I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle, and we now know it can pose a dangerous public health risk.”

I seem to remember someone else who called us “immoral” “unnatural” and “inherently evil”, Roy Moore.

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