If you don’t let the TSA feel you up, then the terrorists win

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Blind Item: Rainin’ on the parade

What Birmingham, Ala. news station filmed a segment on being gay in Alabama only to have their “local celebrity” weatherman threaten to quit if it aired? ┬áHe doesn’t believe in global climate change and most certainly doesn’t like the gays!


Sam Tsui on Ellen

In one of our previous YouTube features, we talked about Sam Tsui and his amazing videos. Now Sam shows up on Ellen to talk about his music, his mom and perform a Katy Perry Mashup.


Where have I been?

I’ve been busy with school, new ventures and general life craziness, but i’m glad to be back posting here. I’m moving this away from being a news/organization back to being my plain ol’ queer liberal blog. How many of my old readership is still tuned in?


Michelle Obama previews the White House holiday decorations

All I’m saying is that Michelle Obama is the new Jackie O.
Here, she unveils the holiday decorations at the White House.


How to argue like the right wing

Here, Joe “you lie” Wilson gives us a wonderful example of how Republicans argue their case for keeping Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence against you, just keep repeating your bigoted views.

It also helps if you plug your ears and hum.


Editorial: “Rick and Bubba” isn’t my fight

A lot of the Alabama LGBT community is up in arms over comments that Rick Burgess made on the air concerning homosexuality and its “level of sin”. Burgess said he disagreed with President Obama’s Proclamation citing June and LGBT Pride month. He also went off,on a rant about his “biblical worldview” and how he was just saying what he believes. Originally, I was upset about his comments. His comments are certainly the seed idea which is at the base of many anti-LGBT hate crimes. It’s the idea that because someone is believed to be less-than by a particular religion, causing them harm is somehow ok.

I posted about the incident on facebook, and joined the “Rick and Bubba must go” facebook group. I even sent tweets to a few sponsors in complaint about the comments.
But as I gathered my thoughts and began to examine the issue through the lens of reason, logic and evidence, I was left with one conclusion.
This isn’t my fight.
Rick made his comments out of his particular religious worldview. He has a right to hold those opinions. He spoke them on his nationally syndicated radio/television show, a platform he and his co-host certainly have control over and rightfully so. Burgess isn’t an elected official. He’s a private citizen using his platform to preach his beliefs.

Don’t get me wrong. Burgess is still an idiot. He’s a common bigot with radio show and those are a dime a dozen these days.
He wouldn’t know what theology is if it bit him in his gigantic ass and he makes wild theological assumptions based on faulty translations of a book of stories and religious rules that wildly contradict each other.
But this isn’t my fight because I don’t believe in his god (or yours for that matter) and I don’t follow his religion. And this debate has simply devolved into what people think their Bible says.
And frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what the Bible says about anything, including rat’s asses.
I think, too often the gay community in the South wastes so much time trying to prove to the homophobes and religious zealots that they too are as good of a god-follower as anyone else.
But there are those of us who don’t believe in a god.
And I’m one of them. And I’m staying out of it.

Granted, if Burgess spreads lies about the LGBT community, I’ll be there to call him out on his lies. As it stands now, He’s already calling for his “army” to rise up.

Burgess will portray himself as the victim. A poor soldier of God, persecuted for preaching the gospel. He’s already started and as more LGBT southerners call for boycotts and email sponsors, his power will grow as the mindless churchgoers will proclaim him their icon.
LGBT Christians should stand up to Burgess and tell him why his rhetoric is so dangerous. But I cannot argue with a man about whether God loves gays when I believe his first assumption (that there is a God) to be in error.


Digital uproar over bigoted radio hosts

The Birmingham, Alabama gay community has responded to the bigotry spouted by Rick Burgess of the “Rick and Bubba” radio show, calling for boycotts of the shows advertisers. There is a Facebook group set up to protest the “Rick and Bubba” show.

Meanwhile, Rick Burgess took to the air once again claiming that he was simply speaking from a “biblical worldview”
Watch below:

So far, no national or statewide groups have made statements in regards to the show.


Radio Hosts Spew Bigotry

Alabama based radio hosts “Rick and Bubba” went on a tirade recently about why President Obama decided to issue a proclamation citing June as LGBT pride month.
The hosts compared LGBT people to adulterers, fornicators, and “people living like dogs”.

Take a look:

Incidentally this week is LGBT Pride Week in Birmingham, Alabama.

Update: In the video, Rick and Bubba lament that President Obama wouldn’t issue a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, when in fact, he did.


“House” episode deals with ex-gay therapy

I’m not a huge watcher of House M.D. but I happened to catch this episode on Hulu last night.
It dealt with a man who collapses on his wedding day and we come to discover his health problems may stem from hormones and electro-shock therapy he received at an “ex-gay” camp.
I’m glad the show treated such programs as what they are: quackery.
You can watch the full episode here:

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