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Warehouse 13 is America’s answer to Doctor Who. I’m lovin’ it!



Sorry about that. I kind of took the entire month of July off from blogging. Will you forgive me?


Allen To Run For State Senate

Hide your books featuring and/or written by gays and lesbians! Book burning enthusiast Rep. Gerald Allen (R[are you surprised?]- Cottondale) has announced that he will be running for Alabama state senate next year. He’ll be challenging Sen. Phil Poole, a Democrat from Tuscaloosa.

from WKRG/ AP

Allen announced his candidacy for the Senate District 21 position Tuesday in Tuscaloosa.

The four-term representative said he believes he can be part of a movement in which Republicans take over control of the Alabama Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction.

He’s probably trying to get away from Patricia Todd so he can say “well, I don’t even know any homo-seck-shuls!

**Update** Aunt Kathy over at Birminham Blues has a more in depth post up.


Lions and Tigers and Gays, Oh My!

If you’re looking for a reason to get outside and go exploring, the Gay Alabama Outsiders is just the club you need.
You can look them up on MySpace (even though I HATE Myspace and the clunky website it has become) or search for “Gay Alabama Outsiders” on facebook.


“Britain? That old queen?”

Oh yeah.
Today is the day we, The United States, broke up with Britain. Then it got awkward, because he didn’t see it as a break up even though we totally said it was in the letter we sent him. He was telling all his friends we were still together and when we told them we were on our own now they acted all shocked and everything.
Then we started an affair with France and all that did was piss him off more.

Eventually after a HUGE fight, we both moved on. We got Movies, Hamburgers, Obesity and Religious intolerance. They got universal health care, the European Union and pretty much all of our friends.
Sometimes when we’re all alone in a unilateral military action, we cry a little bit because we know that we broke up with Britain, but sometimes we wish we still had him.

Happy 4th of July


The New ‘Aristocrats’

I’ve decided that we need a new version of “The Aristocrats” Joke. Here is the set up:

“The crowd cheers at a sporting event..”

Then go on to describe the most convoluted, nonsensical and impossible sport actions. like this:

“ the quarterback passes a home run all the way down the court to the goalie who then dribbles the baseball around the track and pole vaults past the 8th yard line and catches the golden snitch which ends up putting the game into quadruple extra innings…”

but always end it with:

“….And that’s just like Sarah Palin.”

P.S. Anderson, Honey, we KNOW you don’t keep up with sports. We know.


AL. Rep. Patricia Todd Urges Patience With Obama

Ala. State Rep. Patricia Todd, the first openly gay elected official in Alabama, was invited to the White House for Monday’s Pride celebration. “I found out about the event about a week ago and decided to attend on Sunday,” Todd said, adding that she flew out that night to attend. “It was a very nice event and I was honored to be invited to the White House to meet the Obamas.”

Todd said she did get a chance to talk to the President and that she thanked him for his support of the LGBT community and for giving the community hope through support on various issues.

As concerns are voiced in the blogosphere about the President’s apparent lack of action on LGBT issues, Todd said she thought the President was doing a lot for the community. “I don’t think we has been quiet on our issues at all,” Todd said. “He has issued orders to overturn the ban on HIV immigration, expanding domestic partnership coverage to federal employees, and has appointed more LGBT folks to his administration than any other President.”

Todd said she understood the concerns within the community, but urged patience. “[Obama] is working with the Department of Defense to overturn [Don’t ask, don’t tell] but wants to make sure that it is done in a manner that does not upset the military operations. We must remember that we are fighting two major wars at this time. While I understand the anger from our community, I guess I am more patient than most.“

Todd said as an elected official herself, she realizes that the President must have the right timing and be willing to compromise. “If I had charged into the Legislature demanding marriage equality and non-discrimination, I would have become totally ineffective,” Todd said. “Instead, I have spent my first 3 years in office building relationships and a foundation for moving our issues forward.”

Todd urged the LGBT community to trust the President. “Believe me I want total equality NOW, but I do trust President Obama to do the right thing.” Todd said. “There is no doubt in my mind (and heart) that Obama understands the injustice we have suffered and he will work to overturn the discriminatory policies of the past. I am willing to give him another 6 months before I would criticize him.”

Todd said she is proud of the work she has done in the Alabama legislature working for policies to reduce poverty in the state including passing legislation creating a permanent commission on poverty. “The commission will review poverty reduction programs that work and develop policies that can help move citizens out of poverty,” Todd said. “I am also working to establish a dedicated funding stream for public transportation which, I believe, is the foundation to economic development in our region.”

Todd said she was committed to advancing LGBT equality in Alabama. “The Hate Crimes bill will be introduced again next year and I will continue to advocate for, and offer an amendment to add gender identity to the bill,” she said.


Blasphemy on I-20

Somebody pissed off some rednecks in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

“This is a free country, yea. But when you go messing with religion you step into people’s backyards. We are a bunch a Christians. If you don’t like the neighborhood, get out,” says Jason McGowin, baptist.

It’s the Freedom From Religion foundation’s billboard right here in Alabama. The message is probably needed here the most.

From ABC 33/40 which calls it an “Impious Billboard

Takin’ bets on how long it takes the Christianists to deface the billboard “in the name of Jesus”


It’s not racism if they’re A-rab

This weekend and a nearby state park, David and I noticed this sticker applied to the back of a pick-up truck.
I’m not saying it’s racist. I’m saying it’s a generic middle eastern man in traditional garb in the cross-hairs of a gun.

Ironically, David thought it looked like Jesus.


When I knew: Parental homophobia

As a child, I remember the few times my parents mentioned gay people. It was never in a positive light.
The first time I heard my dad talk about anything remotely gay was when Hawaii achieved marriage equality (for a short time in the 90′s). He was talking about seeing the people emerge from the courthouse victorious. I can still remember his words.

“I thought for sure they wouldn’t show them kissing on national television! It was disgusting!”

That was the moment I really understood that my parents wouldn’t accept me as a gay person. Even though, I didn’t have the words to say what I was, I knew I was different, and I knew my parents wouldn’t accept that difference.
What about you? Was there a moment that you knew your parents were pro/anti gay?
What were your impressions of LGBT people from your parents?

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