My Badass holiday tree

I put up my holiday tree (fuck you, “war on christmas”) a few days back. Isn’t it lovely?

Yes, that is Samuel L. Jackson, my tree topper.
My friend, Katie, took my old Taco Bell Mace Windu cup topper and we used it for better purposes.

Now my entire apartment is protect by the Jedi Master. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH

  • http://www.thelisp.blogspot.com Kevin

    Oh my goddess that’s the most original tree topper i’ve ever seen!!!!


  • Zach, The Writer

    Isnt he fabulous? I mean.. “Fuck yeah! he’ll kick your ass!”

  • Zed

    All I saw was the “BUTT BOOK”……

  • Zach, The Writer

    the BUTT BOOK is awesome, lots of great interviews and stories, as well as…well…Butts :-)