Little things..

One of the teaching of Buddhism is that of overcoming attachment. Basically addiction to anything, whether it be drugs or alcohol, or emotions and behaviors. Political anger is something I’ve been dealing with.

A concept that Pema Chodron, a Buddhist Nun here in the US, teaches is Shenpa (or “attachment”). Shenpa is recognized by the tight feeling in your chest and shoulders, this bracing for something bad that your body does when anger and resentment begin to boil over.

I could really feel my Shenpa when I would see this truck driving around campus with “NOBAMA 08!!” written on the back.
“Really?” I would say to myself as I contemplated ramming him with my car.(bad idea: His truck is about 4 times larger than my car…picture a fly hitting a windshield)

Then, yesterday I drove past the building where this truck is often parked to see the back window of his truck simply read “BAMA ’08″.
It isnt much, and it probably doesn’t mean anything.. but it made me smile anyway. I can put my Shenpa away now.

  • http://chamblee54.wordpress.com/ chamblee54

    Unless you are an Auburn fan.

  • http://letsxplor.wordpress.com Lori

    Zach, this is something that’s been niggling at me too. If violence begets violence, and hate begets hate, the best way to turn folks’ minds and hearts is with love and compassion, not hate and anger. Not to mention the toxicity we take on when we can’t let anger pass and turn into something else. Easier said than done. Good on ya’ for tuning into this.