Give me a break!

breakThe Birmingham News ran a piece from the Los Angeles Times by columnist Mark D. Stern. Stern wrote about the “threats” to religious liberty that marriage equality poses. Citing examples of Christians being “forced” to comply with the law rather than exercise their religious freedom.
I said it in the title of this post and i’ll say it again: “Give me a break!” (If only Nell Carter were still with us, I would get her to say it for me.)
Where is Mr. Stern’s column decrying the liberties of the Klu Klux Klan in exercising their right to free speech through lynching?
No one is saying that churches can’t teach what they want.
No one is making you believe anything.
If you want to continue to dwell in the dark ages socially, that’s your business. But when exercising your religious beliefs causes you to refuse services to a gay couple, or deny equal access to a gay person, then we have a problem.

from the op-ed:

* A San Diego County fertility doctor was sued for refusing to perform artificial insemination for one partner of a lesbian couple for religious reasons. The doctor referred the patient to a colleague, promised there would be no extra cost and offered to care for her during her subsequent pregnancy. The case is now before the California Supreme Court, and justices seemed hostile to the doctor’s defense during oral arguments last month.

Thats all fine and dandy for the sperm doctor, but if we let him deny services because of his religious belief, will we also allow ER doctors to deny treatment because he doesn’t agree with homosexuality?
we’ve already seen pharmacists who refuse to dispense birth control because of their religious beliefs.
It’s only a matter of time before a doctor says he wont treat an HIV positive person because he doesn’t believe in homosexuality, or premarital sex or any other reason he (or she) can come up with.
Believe all you want, but when it comes to providing services and respecting others in public, you have no right to discriminate.
The whole thing is childish really. Rather than play by the rules, it seems the fundies have decided they will just cross their arms and shake their heads instead of dealing with social progress.
How many gay interior decorators have fixed up homes owned by republicans, or fundamentalist pastors?
What if gay doctors decided they wouldn’t provide services to those who preached against them in the pulpit? There would be an outcry of discrimination from the religious right.
So if you’re going to be a member of this big club we call the United States, you have to play by the rules, kids. And the rules, more and more, are saying “You have to treat everyone equally”.

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    Hey Z.C, I agree with what you wrote…all the way!! Good entry today…keep up the good work. You say what a lot of others think and want to stay but just hold back for whatever reason. Have a great weekend!!