Things Change…no matter how much we resist

I’m reminded through situations that happen that life is a constantly changing thing. If there is a constant in life, it’s that things are never constant.

Even as I go through personal changes, I resist them. I grasp at anything that could keep me grounded in the reality I once knew. Starting a new job in a small town I notice how resistant old southern people can be to new ideas and social change.
Today I was in a municipal building and I noticed a plaque hanging on the wall praising the virtues of “The Christian General”. I tried to read the print about this brave Christian warrior, but it was hard because the building wasn’t exactly well lit. My instinct was to be offended that they would put a print up in a tax payer funded building extolling Christianity. But this is a small Alabama town, people here have no use for concepts like church-state separation. These are people who have lived their entire lives in a certain fashion and have no need for anything different. They’ve successfully resisted any sort of progress or change and are quite happy to live almost completely isolated lives. Then I noticed who this “Christian General” was.

Robert E. Lee

we’ve still got a long way to go.

  • Josh

    oy vey! Robert E. Lee. what a great general to be exolting! i’m tellin you it’s all those southern baptist dear!

  • http://shirleyheezgay.blogspot.com Shirley Heezgay!

    Maybe you should go a long way from there. Just planting seeds and you might be good for Alabama, but Alabama isn’t right for you.