PrideGate ’08: Is Langford Backtracking Again?

Mayor Langford went on Fox6 tonight to say he still will not sign the proclamation or allow the banners to be hung in 5-Points south.
The mayor does not sign parade permits, however, he made it clear that he opposes the idea of a gay pride parade.

I didnt realize that PrideGate ’08 would be such a busy news day!

Video: Fox 6 Reports

  • http://myspace.com/CentralAlabamaPride DJ_Derek

    Thank you for keeping everyone updated with this. Every bit helps.

    Sitting here listening to Mark on the phone ALL weekend with Fox 6 and the rest of the board – it’s been stressful.

    It all boils down at this point to – The Mayor doesn’t have any knowledge of how Pride & the board have worked in the past – the Proclamation is the exact same one they’ve used for the last 20 years. It’s the same draft they use, a template – that where only the name of the current mayor is updated.

    Langford didn’t realize this and thought the group was pulling him into it as a way to publicize the event. That was never the case. He turned it into a big stink, all by himself, by making his statements to the news reporter.

    He’s stuck between angering the gay demographic and keeping his stance that Christian Birmingham takes.

    He’s REALLY angry with the Birmingham News for even pushing this and making it an issue.

    And as for his stance at this point, he’s pretty much saying – as long as he doesn’t have to touch anything or tag his name to it, it’s a go. We will still hold the parade since it’s the City Police Department that will allow the permit, as long as they don’t pass it to his desk. Some go through without having to have his consideration, some don’t.

    He will not sign the proclamation, which means we will not be allowed to have the banners in the streets and hanging from the lamp posts all week as we always have in the past.
    Mark and the rest of the board are going to approach the businesses of Southside and ask that they put them in their windows and fences instead. There are ALWAYS ways around the city.

    We hope to make this the biggest Parade of all, so please, encourage your readers to join us in this parade. This year a little moreso than most, as this *did* cause some publicity for all parties involved, whether it was wanted or not. It made local news.

    Walking and marching is FREE, you just fill out a registration form that will be available during lineup and registration tent.

    Registering a vehicle is $25, I believe. I did this my first year down here. I didn’t have a float at the time, but we took a group of friends and threw beads.

    Thanks again for keeping an eye out!