Federal Appeals Court Rules For Gay Soldiers

180px-tom99Because the blogosphere will be buzzing about this in the next few hours and all day tomorrow, I figured I would go ahead and put up a post about it.
It seems that a Federal appeals court reinstated a the lawsuit of a flight nurse who was discharged after is was discovered she was living in a relationship with another woman. The flight nurse, Maj. Margaret Witt, sued the Air Force but a judge dismissed the lawsuit saying that Lawrence v. Texas (which threw out sodomy laws) didn’t apply.
The appeals court said Witt did have a right to sue and that the Air Force must prove that allowing gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly would harm unit cohesion.
We’ve heard it all before, “if you lets the gays serve in the military, no one will fight because of all the sexual tension”. Honey, please. If there is sexual tension between a straight soldier and a gay soldier, someone is lying about their sexual orientation.

Im glad to see another victory for GLBT equality, but I fear this will only unleash more gay hate from the far right and allow them to energize the holy rollers for the election.

I’m just cynical I suppose.