Bad gay.. BAD!


The entire day has gone by and i haven’t even made a religious post.
yes religious.
It’s Cher’s birthday, which, as we all know, is a gay high holy day.
So, Cher forgive me for not posting this morning about your birthday. I have sinned against Cher.

  • majid

    ilove you cher i feel good for you i am iranian# job me mix >you are verrrrrrrrrry good sond you are

    biutifollllllllll >with best wishes for you in all days>cher i love you you are best model and best sound

    & best love for cinema & best woman in word >you are elon EINOF for music for word . ilove you.

  • jimmylosse59years

    I love you Cher and I like to see you nude because I,m Fan of you.
    And I like to go to bed with you Jimmy