Time Lord


Today was a strange day all around, really. I had applied for the Editor in Chief job at the student newspaper, and the interview with the Dept of Communication board was today at 1:30 p.m.

The interview went rather smoothly, I thought I made a good impression on those who would be deciding my future at the paper. Lo and behold, I got the job!
Yep, you can call me Mr. Editor now! (but please, don’t)
I came home to fix supper and finish deciding who I want on my staff for the summer and decided to take a quick nap to recharge. I’ve been so nervous all day that I hadn’t eaten anything or slept very well last night.
You always hear stories about eating bad pizza before bed… well I got a taste of it.
I dreamed that I was in the TARDIS, from Doctor Who, and I was time traveling and reporting on a lone large crime that seemed to span the ages. I started in 14th century Europe and blinked in time till the present day, all witnessing some aspect of this crime. I’m really not sure what the crime was, but I was certain that it needed to be reported on!
I guess that’s what I get for eating a frozen pizza before taking a nap!
So, to rehash, I’m now editor in chief, and a TIME LORD!
But, I only get paid to be one of those.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mejared313 Jared


  • Zach, The Writer

    yes, it’s tough work being a Time Lord

  • http://birminghamblues.com Kathy

    So — in your dream, did you have a sonic screwdriver?

    Congratulations, Time Lord!!!

  • J-Ro

    Congratulations Zach! I love your writing so I know you’re gonna do a fantastic job!

  • http://nallforgovernor.blogspot.com Loretta Nall

    I’m really excited about your new job as the editor of the Jacksonville St. newspaper. I’ll be sure and send you lots of letters to the editor on controversial subjects.

    Congratulations Zach! Use the media to change the world my friend!