Poor girl.. wait.. I mean Lady

stemplePoor Shirley Temple Black, she broke her arm shortly before her 80th birthday!

Wait.. Shirley Temple is STILL alive? she must be.. like 1000! wait.. no I just wrote 80th birthday. Still, she’s outlived most of her costars.

I wonder, if I offered her $10, would she sing “The good ship lollipop”?

Who are some old movie stars you were surprised to find were still alive and hadn’t gone to the great backlot in the sky?

  • http://cranialhyperossification.com GDad

    Funny you should mention that. I just saw this site today that helps answer that question.

  • http://birminghamblues.com Kathy

    Vanity Fair had a story this month on Doris Day. I can’t believe she’s 86.