Last week of class

So it’s the last week of class here at university. The student paper has published the last issue of the semester so I find myself with a lot of time on my hands. I’m applying for the Editor in Chief position at the paper for the fall and i’m not sure that (A.) I have enough experience or (B.) that I have a chance against the other applicants. Mainly because I’m not sure who the other applicants are.
I have two finals left and one assignment to be done by tomorrow, so after that, the stress will be done.. at least about this semester.
So many changes happening in my world, G is leaving in a little over a month to head off to NC for outdoor theater, My best friend, Brandon, is moving to Jacksonville, Fla. on Thursday. Why must life so constantly change? It just seems like as soon as I get comfortable with one change, a new one comes barreling through. Oh well, C’est la Vie.

  • josh

    no worries change is good!

  • Brandon

    No, you’re forgetting — I’m moving to Tuscaloosa…wait. You didn’t mean me. My bad. ;^)

  • http://shirleyheezgay.blogspot.com Shirley Heezgay!

    you got it all taken care of!

    change sucks, but without it we’d all be awfully bored, no?

    it does suck that your bff is moving away, but that’s why the little baby jesus made motor cars.

  • Zach, The Writer

    wow I’m honored that Shirley Heezgay would pay my blog attention. Brandon, I will miss you as well, who will challenge me intellectually?
    And Josh… we need to find you somebody to make out with.. fast.

  • http://74goblin CJ

    Hey it’s better than being old when all your friends are dying. Do I hear Roadtrip? Enjoy yourself and whack off a lot.