Westerns…but with Robots!

Growing up, I hated westerns. My dad and uncle would watch them on Sunday afternoons if the Atlanta Braves weren’t playing. They bored me to tears, to tears I tell you! Now, if westerns had looked like this, i might have enjoyed them a lot more!

How feeble is that woman to faint whenever she gets pushed down? Ah the 50′s, when women were (portrayed to be) weak. Thank the gods we have Sarah Connor now. She would have taken out all of the androids on her own… cuz thats what she does.

  • J-Ro

    Ok, I have one for you….here’s a sci-fi spaghetti western kung fu video…LOL (Not to mention a kick-ass song IMO) Check it out…

  • Zach, The Writer

    J-RO, you are an inspiration! I loved the new video you suggested.

  • max191

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