What did you call me?

At the prestigious university where I am enrolled, I participated in the student newspaper’s coverage of the Board of Trustees meeting on monday. The trustees make all the big decisions on campus like whether or not we should expand our football stadium (an issue of much controversy here), or the raising of tuition (which they did, by 30 bucks per credit hour).
On the board is Randy Owens(pictured, sitting, in the pink). Randy Owens is an alumnus(alumni?) of our fair school and has reached some local fame as the lead singer of some band called “Alabama”. They sing country music, I doubt if you’ve heard of them.

I kid, I kid.
I grew up listening to this man. It was never Christmas in our house without hearing Alabama’s Christmas song.
I was seated near the back of the room where the committee was to meet and was looking over the notes that I had taken already. When I’m bumped into by this country lookin’ fella in black leather. I looked up to see Randy Owens, and I was a little bit (okay a lot) star struck. Randy Owens just ran into me!

He pardoned himself and then stared at my shoes for some reason. then he looked up at me and said “Hey! I like your shoes!”
I was still dumbfounded so trying to sound intelligent was not something that was going to happen.
“Thank you sir,” I said.
“Where did you get em’?” he asked.
“Oh, I got them at a thrift store here in town,” I replied.
He got this really confused look on his face as if I had just insulted him in Spanish.
“A FRUIT STAND?!?” he said loudly.
I’m sure I turned several shades of deep purple before finding words. My dilemma was clear. Do I correct a man i have listened to since birth? Or should I let him continue to think that I purchased my shoes along with a crate of bananas?
“No sir, a thrift store” I replied.
His smile widened. “Well, I like em!” he declared before trotting off across the room.
He may have been the most famous person I’ve ever met, and he probably won’t remember the mix up, but I ,from now on, will always inquire about “A fruit stand??!!” whenever I don’t understand something.

  • J-Ro

    Lol…”FRUIT STAND” very good. My family has our own saying…it’s “DANCE!?”. My grandfather had “selective” hearing loss (he only couldn’t hear when he didn’t want to) and my Aunt was asking him if he wanted to go to Granny’s house…yelling it, actually. And he looks up at her all confused..and yells “DANCE!?”
    Maybe it’s a southern thing….

  • http://chamblee54.wordpress.com/ chamblee54

    Maybe he was cruising you.
    Or, he knew of a gay bar with no seating.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mejared313 Jared

    30 bucks? Try raising tuition by $6,000 this year… and it’s already around $42,000 a year! Jeebus christ!