Every year, Hollywood releases a blockbuster or two, or three. and its the job of B-Movie film companies to make fake blockbusters, or “Knockbusters” to sell to unwitting rednecks for $4 at wal-mart. I present to you a few of these “Knockbusters” by Asylum films.
Often, the knockbusters have nothing in common with the film they are copying poorly. Except a few story points. Like this movie:

Yeah that poster looks a lot like the Transformers poster. here’s the trailer:

Yes a complete and utter knock off of Transformers. I’ve included a few more here for your enjoyment as well. These are true sci-fi B-Movie horrible goodness.

It’s not I Am Legend its :


Yes, it looks like a more zombiefied version of I Am Legend. It might actually have some good scares in iit. Will I see it? Probably not.

You remember Cloverfield right? Well not to be outdone, Asylum created this gem. “Monster”

I love how the “monster” is just a giant tentacle. I have seen this one though.. its horrible, and I loved it.

And last but not least, the cheap knock off of Alien Vs. Predator. even the title is a knock off.

Alien Vs. Hunter