Is waxing gay? Is NOT waxing straight?

So i found this commercial parody on YouTube:(probably NSFW, but not TOO NSFW)

And my question is, is waxing really a gay thing?
Personally, I don’t have enough body hair to worry about waxing. In fact, I wish there was some sort of chest hair grower formula (get on it, Rogaine people). If you’re “a gay” do you wax your body hair? If you’re straight, (hey, straight people read this blog too… i think..) Do you think that waxing unwanted body hair is a “gay thing”?
I know that guys in the “bear” movement abhor body hair removal. I self identify as a “cub” so I can see the attractiveness of body hair (but not too much body hair).
So what do you think readers? to wax or not to wax?

  • http://cranialhyperossification.blogspot.com GDad

    Well, by build and hirsutiness, I’m a bear, but I never quite got into the beary thing. Once in a while, I’ll shave some random part of my body, but it’s mostly because it amuses me. I think I shaved one arm once when I was in college, just to see if anyone noticed. If they did, they didn’t say.

    Waxing hurts. Unless you have a parasite that needs hair to survive, I’d avoid the issue.

  • ph…….

    hmmm well i am a hairy guy i say all guys should groom like backs should be waxed or shaved chest…. i tend to like some hair there so i guess it is really up to the person you are with :) now below the belt buckle …. no one wants to floss during a trip downtown so keep it nice and neat b/c i will end the nite if i end up with some hair in my mouth b/c someone doesn’t kno how to trim down there so thats it for my two cents

  • Benji

    Waxing=PAIN!! I trim! But I do shave my balls and I make my BF do the same. I like hair downstairs, as long as it is well groomed. Nothing is worse than licking a big ole nasty bush!

  • http://homo-neurotic.com homo-neurotic

    This is hilarious! Do they make a gay version? If so, I want it! Loved the leather daddy. :)

  • Zach, The Writer

    I dunno neurotic, i think this was pretty gay in itself!

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  • Guest

    Waxing hurts. If you do not have a parasite that needs to survive the hair, I would avoid this problem.


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    Well, for the construction and hirsutiness am a bear, but never really succeeded in something beary. Occasionally, I will shave a random part of my body, but mostly because it amuses me. I think I shaved my arm once when I was in college, just to see if anyone noticed. If they did, they do not say.


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