Nerdgasm: Sometimes my nerdiness, outweighs my gayness

For instance, I saw this picture:
And my first thought wasn’t “WOW, Hot guys making out!” it was
“WOW, I want that Empire shirt!”

  • http://marco-plato.blogspot.com/ Mark G

    As long as “Hot guys making out” was your second thought, you’re fine. ;-)

  • http://www.cranialhyperossification.com GDad

    It’s a constant war, but I have to remember that I was a geek when I was in first grade, and I wasn’t gay until just around puberty or so.

  • chiflatirons

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  • Littlespastic

    OMG that's adorable. I can honestly say my first thought was “OMG sexy boys!” So I guess I”m not quite as nerdy as I thought. I need to fix that. Let the 24 hr WOW fest begin!