Really?… Really?

Whenever I think that Alabama is bad, I look around at with the other confederate southern states are doing. For instance in Kentucky ya’ll have a legislature who wants to ban domestic partnerships. Thats right, not gay marriage (it’s already been banned), but anything that might give gay and lesbian couples any decent rights whatsoever.
Granted, this covers only DP benefits from the state government, including universities, but the language of this bill is outrageous.
It would be one thing if it said that the state doesn’t HAVE to grant DP benfits, but its specifically forbids the state from giving DP benefits. There are at least 5 fair minded people in the state senate:

The bill passed the state Senate 30 – 5 on Wednesday with five Democrats voting against it. Among them was Sen. Ernesto Scorsone of Lexington, the only openly gay man in the Senate.

“The only thing that drives this measure is a gay-bashing effort,” said Scorsone.

Now, Governor Steve Beshear has said that he will veto the bill, but that sends it back to fuckwits like this:

Republican Vernie McGaha who supported the legislation called it a moral issue and pointed to the state constitution which bans same-sex marriage.

“I do not recognize domestic partnerships as being a correct thing,” said McGaha. “My Bible teaches against it.”

Really Mr. McGaha?!?!
You dumbfuck redneck idiot, where in your holy book are the words “Domestic Partnership” ever mentioned?
It’s idiots like this who make me lose faith in human decency.

  • http://www.spanishamericanenglish.blogspot.com Tony

    That is pretty bad. I hope things begin to change in 2009 under a new administration.

    Eventually, I know it will take time, the US will have to recognize gay marriage, even if it is the last country on Earth (after the Muslim countries) to do so.