The Product of a College Education

redbullcan.jpgTo provide a little back ground for this story, I’m in college learning how to be a journalist, so I can be the next Anderson Cooper. Previously I took a few classes at UAB which started my journalistic career.
Yesterday, I was standing in front of the theatre building waiting for G to get out of class when a truck with a giant Red Bull can on top of it pulled into the parking lot. Two girls got out and approached my little group of friends and asked us all if we wanted free red bull. (sidenote: about this time i posted the twitter “Yay free redbull!” yesterday)
Of course we all said yes, and as one of the girls went to hand me a can she said “Didn’t you used to go to UAB?”
I was surprised as I sort of recognized the girl, but wasn’t sure. “Yeah I did. Did we have a class together?”
She smiled, “Yeah, we had a communications class together. In fact I already got my degree in communications from UAB”
I knodded “Cool! how’s that working out for you?”

She looked at me handed me a can and said “Red Bull?”

  • John

    Hey Z.C. you did hear about Tony’s partner Ken right? I’m not sure how to contact you. Thanks.

  • http://www.queervoice.net/dragbag Orry

    hahaha, thats hot

  • Zach, The Writer

    John, Yes, I know about Ken’s death. You can red my post about it Here