Intelligent Political Discourse

A few days ago I noticed a lesbian friend of mine on myspace posted a “status message” saying she was pulling for Giuliani, also saying that he needed to beat Hillary because a “Bitch” couldn’t run the country. So being the passive aggressive fracker that I am, I posted a status message on my profile that said “ZACH wonders why lesbians would vote for giuliani? he hates you!”.
Then I found This Gem of a response in my inbox:

    I do not speciafically want Gulliani to win b/c he hates me but because he has the best war tactics. The war in Iraq is no where near over and Obama and Clinton will go in office slap the Iran and Iraqs on the wrist bring our troops home and the next day there will be war over here.
    That is the only reason Lesbians want Gulliani. We want someone who knows how to run the damn country not a bitch who is going to ruin the country. I have friends in Iraq and they will tell you the same. I doubt Gulliani gets it so I will probably go for McCain whether way Hell No to Obama and that Bitch Clinton. That is why Lesbians love Republicans. Yea they all might not like gay rights but neither will Obama or Clinton.
    Gay rights will never happen with a democrat they hate us even more. I am not trying to be rude but that status was sexist towards Lesbians and women in general. Not all lesbians are voting Republican I know some gay/straight men who do the same. Sorry if I offended you but that is my opinion on Politics. Just as you have yours on Obama and Clinton. I am just scared if either of them two get it the war will come over here.
    There will never be peace in the Middle East we all should know that by now. I am not trying to change your mind I am just stating my opinion. So why don’t you tell me why Obama or Clinton is best so I can hear what you have to say. Just so we are not getting mad and fighting because that is not what I want.

(Name Redacted)

I was astounded! and so being the passive aggressive fracker that I am.. I’m going to post my response here for everyone to read. I’ll send her the link to this post as well. Here goes..

Dear (Name Redacted),
First of all, I don’t believe that calling someone a “bitch” is intelligent political discourse. That being said, I don’t think you can accuse me of sexism when you are the one calling candidates “bitch”es. I wonder why Lesbians, my sappho sisters, would vote for someone who is pandering to the religious right on gay rights issues. I agree that Democrats haven’t the perfect record on LGBT issues that we would like them to have. But the fact is that Dems are usually the ones open to progress on such issues. Granted, yes, Giuliani was pretty pro-gay as mayor of NYC, but you have to be to get elected there.
Now you bring up Giuliani’s “war tactics”. What war tactics? He hasn’t even commanded troops! The only thing that he’s done is survive 9/11 (a fact that he reminds us of every time he opens his mouth) in a love nest paid for by city funds.
As for Hillary (who I haven’t endorsed or discouraged) “slapping the Iran and Iraqs on the wrist”.. have the first two Bush wars taught us anything? Maybe we should be trying to solve our problems diplomatically rather than dropping bombs the first chance we get. We’ve already had one Clinton in the White House and the only “terrist” attack here was done by someone who was a registered republican.
Don’t claim sexism on me just because I disagree with you. I have angry lesbians, gay moms, gay dads, drag queens and interior designers who will break the legs on your coffee table.
You can’t out gay me, Honey.
For the record, I haven’t decided who exactly I’m voting for. Though Patricia Todd did give me a lecture the last time I mentioned that I might not vote for Hillary. I look forward to your repsonse in the comments section.


  • Katy

    Wow! On top of a rediculous argument that she put forth, what awful grammar. I mean really, did she go to third grade.

  • http://birminghamblues.com Kathy

    I’m still trying to figure out how Hillary can be a “bitch” while OTOH she’s too weak to do more than slap wrists to punish infractions. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised that an ordinary citizen thinks so; Chris Matthews and his pals in the mainstream media spew this swill every day.

  • http://birminghamblues.com Kathy

    And Zach, honey, there is no way anyone could out-gay you!

  • http://cranialhyperossification.blogspot.com GDad

    Ah yes, the “Fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here” canard. This type of thinking both embraces the fact that terrorist activity != to traditional war and at the same time rejects it. If a national army were engaged “over there,” then it would make sense that we could expect them not to attack us here, but if we can’t even find the “terrorists” there, how is occupying another country going to keep them away from us? Oh well.

  • http://www.jeffculler.com Jeff Culler

    I’m still reading her intitial response to you. Given the lack of of cohesivenes of ideas, grammatical and puctuation disregard, and abject lack of reasoning, I am really ashamed of this young lady.

    I am ashamed of her becuase it’s clearly plagarized…she had to have stolen this from George W. Bush.

  • http://alabamabluedot.blogspot.com Alabama Blue Dot

    I was an Edwards supporter and have decided to vote for Clinton. And part of the reason is that well, maybe she IS a bitch. That IS what we need – someone who will take no guff off of Putin or Achmenewhatishame or Chavez. I had to make my decision based on who I wanted sitting across the table from Vladimir Putin and Hillary looks to me like the best one to deal with people like him. It is partly a sexist choice – most of our problems the last eight years have been caused by men trying to prove whose dick is bigger. If someone doesn’t HAVE a dick, we’re already at an advantage.