CNN Calling New Hampshire for Clinton.

senatorclinton.jpgJust in from the bust known as ghost hunting (see twitters for more info).

I see that CNN is calling New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton on the Democrat’s side and McCain on the Republican side.
Currently with 90% of precincts reporting Clinton has 100,951 votes.
McCain has 79,759.
I love it. I know it’s just the primaries but people are coming out in droves to vote Democrat!
I’m not going to give an endorsement on this blog (at least not yet).

I think all of the Dem candidates have their strengths and weaknesses. Even the weakest Democrat candidate is better than the strongest Republican. I explained it to a friend of mine this way: Say you have 5 different flavors of pudding. No matter which flavor you choose, you’re still getting pudding so it’s gonna taste great!
Its now 5 Flavors of Pudding Vs 6 (or 7, are we still counting Hunter and Paul?) varieties of fried dog shit.

While I don’t think that McCain can carry this win onto the Republican nomination, I would much rather him run than Huckabee. Actually no, strike that. Huckabee should run for the Republicans, then be defeated soundly. I’m actually surprised that Huckabee has gone so far right wing with his rhetoric. So much so that even his base won’t vote for him. It’s going to be a fun year for us politics junkies.

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    Mmmmmm….pudding! :)