The Strangest and Yet Most Entertaining Myspace Message I Have Ever Recieved

This morning I woke up to find one e-mail message waiting for me in my Myspace in-box. I didn’t recognize the picture and I was about to delete the message when I realized the sender’s name was Zach as well. So I opened it. This is what I found:

Dear name twin,

I got caught up looking at myspace profiles and the flashy colors on yours caught my attention. So, since I am obviously such a rad person and not in any hurry to do anything else, I read your survey.

Now listen, for what it’s worth, I think you need to reconsider some of your choices. For example, diet pepsi has a lot to offer and it is especially delicious with lemon. Change can be good.

Also, I apologize for this most likely being the most random message that you may have ever received. Evidently, that’s how I roll. And, apparently, as a bored-middle-of-the-night hobby, I enjoy commenting on profiles belonging to people that I don’t know. Neat.



P.S. I am now targeting you as a myspace friend.

P.P.S. I’m not actually weird.

I was very entertained by this random e-mail, so I decided to send a reply.

Dear Awesome Name Twin,

I must confess that when I saw your e-mail I thought that perhaps it was more spam. I do grow weary of getting messages from bikini clad girls named “Chandra” or “Collette” or even “Ginger”. I only know one girl named Ginger and I don’t think she has ever taken a bikini picture.
I appreciate your suggestion about Diet Pepsi with Lemon. I must decline, however, because I believe that Diet Pepsi with Lemon tastes like Fruit Loops. Seriously, it tastes like someone poured a bowl of Fruit Loops and realized they didn’t have any milk, so decided to go with Diet Pepsi instead.
I do enjoy random e-mails, however, I don’t think anyone has used the word “Neat” when referring to something interesting since 1963. Please update your dictionary.
Even more strange: My initials are ZBC.
One letter off.
Are you sure you aren’t just me from the future?


P.s. I sent a friend request to you as you had not added me at the time of this printing.

P.P.S. Everyone is a little wierd. At least you’re entertaining about it. More than I can say for “Chandra” or “Ginger”