When Drag Queens Attack… With Bullhorns..

It seems that in Sarasota Fl. The neighbor of a cafe complained because he has to hear potty mouthed Drag Queens on bullhorns during the cafe’s Drag Queen Bingo night. The cafe owner agreed to make the queens tone down their language, but the neighbor isnt satisfied. This leads some to believe he hates the homos in general.

The report was on CNN. Here is the video:

“I’m not anti-gay, but I am anti-child abuse”


As if the two things are linked? Give me a break. I’m fed up with idiots claiming not to be anti gay and then wrapping their hatred in a “for the children’s sake” statement. At least people like Fred Phelps say they hate gay people instead of trying to pretend they don’t. sheesh.

H/t to Queerty

  • http://piersgavestonjr.blogspot.com piersgavestonjr

    Hey there.Atlanta here, and when Craig listed a link to homo sweet alabama I just had to stop by.
    Now, the idea of drag queens performing where civilians might be able to listen in is a bit much. Something tells me an outdoor cafe isn’t the best venue for this.
    Isn’t this the town where Pee Wee Herman was treated so rudely?

  • Zach, The Writer

    Thanks for reading! Im pretty sure that an outdoor cafe isnt the best place for cursing drag queens, but at the same time if it’s for a charity event, shouldn’t the queens tone it down anyway? it’s one thing to be vulgar in the club, but another thing to be vulgar for a charity event. though the point was that they were being opposed not just because of thier language but for the simple fact that it was a gay event.

  • http://www.myspace.com/experiencetherose MamaAshliegh

    More rampant stupidity! As an entertainer myself, and I can get pretty vulgar, I do try to keep it clean with children in earshot. But I do feel if the dirty talk raises MUCH NEEDED FUNDING for an AIDS charity, then to hell with trying to play nice! After all, when do these people play nice with us? Anyway, I feel this has NOTHING to do with that child. And why is he refusing to go on camera? The man got pissed cause he didn’t like it. This sounds like a person who believes in Huckabee’s ridiculous and inhumane dribble about isolating AIDS patients. More uptight, rightwing, biblethumping assholes who believe they are the only ones that are right or have any rights. As always, they use their children as a shield. “Oh! The big bad different people want basic human rights and freedom! Oh No! We can’t have that! Their not NORMAL! They don’t deserve it! Let’s hide behind Little Johnnie and Little Susie and say it’s immoral!” And anti-child abuse?! What the HELL??? So, now saying a bad word in public makes you a child abuser???????? Whatever….I’m stopping now before I really get pissed and say something that might abuse a child…like fuck.