My Choice For Best Gay Blog Gets Voted Off The Island

nullThat’s right. D Michael, also known as CitizenDangerX received the fewest votes in the Gay Bloggies. I voted and you should have too, but alas its now down to four losers. Okay, maybe 2 losers. I have OMG blog and Puntabulous on my Google Reader list. Though OMG has gotten a little stupid over the past few weeks. Puntabulous is a guy named Craig who is just as nerdy and dorky as me. Oh, if I were single and he was into to sort-of-chubby-red-head-cubs, it would be gay nerd love explosion.
So now that my original pick is out, who am I choosing to promote for the Gay Bloggies?

Actually no. I’m not nominated. Thanks anyway.

No, vote for Craig from Puntabulous. He deserves it.

  • http://www.puntabulous.com Craig

    Thanks! And for the record, I have a special place in my heart for sort-of-chubby-red-head-cubs. :-)

  • http://birminghamblues.com Kathy

    Cute pic! I’ll vote for you.

  • Zach, The Writer

    awwww thanks!