Just Another Late World AIDS Day Post

dmacho.jpgPorn star Francesco d’Macho (Yeah, I would have chosen the name for myself too) posted a video on his blog for World AIDS Day that was very touching. It’s also a very important message that, aside from abstinence (and I know none of MY readers can give up sex) a condom is your only weapon against a disease that kills thousands of people per day.

The CDC is reporting a sharp rise in HIV infections and I fear that we may see another wave of AIDS related deaths like in the 80′s. The generation before me was one where no one who was gay was left untouched by the killer. Friends, partners, family members were lost to a disease that the world simply didn’t have a concept of.
In talking to gay men who were alive in that time, they talk about friends dropping all around them. And I don’t want to be the second wave of that generation. I don’t want to see my friends die from a disease that we know more about now than we ever did.
I know now we have medication that can prolong the life of an HIV positive person and make the disease more manageable. But these drugs are very expensive and often not available to the average Joe or Jane.

So I agree with d’Macho (star of such film classics as “Communion” Private Lowlife” and “Trunks 4″) when he says “Use a fucking condom!”

Video after the jump:(it’s in spanish or italian, with subtitles, so NSFW if you work in a mexican or italian restaurant)

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