The Future of Entertainment

old_tv_set.gifSitting on my couch in front of the television, the bf curled up and desperately trying to burrow his feet underneath me, i found myself beginning to wonder about the future of television.
Yes the writers will continue striking until a deal is reached, and I can’t say I blame them.
But soon, your favorite shows will all run out of pre-strike recorded episodes and then what? Will Americans turn off the TV in droves and head out into the yard to play with their kids, or perhaps become active in the political process?
Hell no!
They’ll turn to the inter-tubes to keep them entertained!
What does that mean for LGBT characters or even the view of the community at large?
So far we’ve had good writers (mostly) who often write engaging and witty gay characters without resorting to too many stereotypes (I know there are many exceptions, save your emails). But now we have several different gay faces on the internet who, like it or not, are representing our community. Lets take a look at a few examples:

William Sledd’s “Ask a Gay Man” on YouTube:
William Sledd is what we would get if Jack McFarland had sex with Paul Lynde and accidentally impregnated Julia Sugarbaker.
Broadcasting from his home in Paducah, Ky, William’s “Ask a Gay Man” series deals with all the major issues affecting LGBT people like Fashion, “Bitches”, who he hates YouTube. You know, the important stuff.
In this clip he discusses policy issues surround what people wear to the mall. He disturbs me; not only because he speaks as a gay man, but also as a southern gay man. I’m a southern gay man, and I enjoy a video post from time to time, but this is what people see as a representative of southern gay boys. I should interject that William Sledd is a boy. Not a man. Not by far.

Chris Crocker: The “Leave Britney Alone Guy”

Like many of today’s celebrities, Chris Crocker is a flash in the pan, 15 minute are over, one hit slumber. One gay guy cries on YouTube about Britney Spears and the MSM begins to take his opinion seriously… or have they? Coverage on shows like “Maury” and “Access Hollywood” all portray Crocker as a joke. Even Britney has distanced herself from him. Britney thinking someone is too crazy is like Hitler thinking someone is too racist, I know, but it should tell you something about the level of freakishly crazy we’re talking about here.
The thing about Chris Crocker is that he actually has a story that could help people. He knows what it’s like to grow up in a small southern town. He’s experienced the sort of bigotry that being yourself can attract. Crocker could address these issues and actually educate people for change. Instead he’s appeared drunk and half dressed (a la Britney) at Hollywood parties where even there they think he’s a joke. I promise, not all southern gay boys are like this. But if I’m right about the coming surge in internet viewership, this is what America will see.

Ben Patrick Johnson: Life On The Left Coast
Ben Patrick Johnson’s video blog is well put together, flowing like a (very) abbreviated news cast. He sometimes wanders into the realm of entertainment news and rants about celebrities but usually stays focused on issues that affect the average LGBT person. Of course, it really doesn’t hurt that he’s a bodybuilder, has the voice of someone who should do movie trailers and has appeared nude (tastefully) on a gay bodybuilding site. The average American probably won’t watch BPJ’s show simply because it is political in nature and he hasn’t appeared naked and sobbing on YouTube yet. I’ll still be tuned in.

The moral of the story is this: just because you have a webcam, doesn’t mean you need to post a video. And if you do becme famous via the internet, try like hell to make some positive change in the world while you can. Finding a new “star” is only a click away.

P.S. Who are some of YOUR favorite YouTube (or other Video sites) “Stars”?

Some other YouTube Stars you might like:
Patrickblog Is a young New Zealander (ite?) who posts about his life.


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  • Mama Ashliegh Rose Carlisle

    Yeah, so I checked out that William Shedd…..Oh dear…Anyone who promotes sucide for not being (in HIS opinion) fashion savvy is NOT an IMAGE we want or need. Not to mention it’s people like HIM that make people who have no reason to, to start hating themselves…Sad, so sad. Hey William! Leave entertainment to the drag queens! Y’know, the ones that are ENTERTAINING!

    And as for Chris Crocker…a joke, and a bad one.I mean, like, “Why’d the chicken cross the road” bad.

    These “southern gay boys” are like an explosion at a dump, spewwing garbage to the four corners of the earth. Yes, gay usually means eccentric, but my dear Christ! Even as a drag entertainer, I’m no where NEAR THAT nelly or girly,or whiny, or condoscending! Why is it that they think that they are the end all greatest ever?

    And why don’t they pop off about the community not caring about the AIDS crisis anymore? Or equal rights? Or protection from hate crimes? Poverty?Homelessness? Starvation? Peace? Things far more important than “Fashion”, what you wear to a mall, and Britney’s sad excuse for an existance.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mimiwellch MiMi Nicholle Wellch


    I am as southern as the next queer, and certainly just as gay….but oh my!!!!!! I happen to agree with Mama Ashleigh Rose Carlisle, all of us southern gay boys are not so wishy washy trifling! Being born in Mississippi and raised in Louisiana and never having lived north of the Mason Dixon…..I AM CERTAINLY SOUTHERN. I also am a Drag Entertainer – (THE PHEONIX – 5120 5th Ave South – Birmingham, AL) but not nearly so whiny, nellie, girly, fishy, and certainly NOT condescending.

    My focuses in life are certainly NOT what people wear to the mall….as I am NOT Stacy or Clinton….Job taken honey, move on! I as a gay southern MAN and Drag Queen focus just as Mama says……the AIDS crisis, Homeless Homosexuals, Hate Crimes, equal rights, and feeding the needy.

    So i beg of you….the public…..to not buy into these so called broadcasts by gay southern men, and realize that they may be gay, but do not speak for the gay population at large, rather understand that they have tons of insecurities and are simply begging for your atention like a 2 year old during an adult conversation.


    MiMi Nicholle Wellch