The Long Journey Begins

I’m sitting in the Theron Montgomery Building at JSU. I’ve just put $20 worth of gas into my car and early in the morning Gatlin and I will pile into our respective cars and begin a 5 hour trip to Boone, North Carolina. Yesterday was really hard. REALLy hard.

Kathy and I left late and ran by her youngest Daughter’s school so i could say bye.
I lost it.
I started bawling and didnt stop till i was almost in jacksonville.
Kathy left me in the dust in her minivan. I never wold have thought that she knew how to speed, but she does.
We got to the mall and we both ran inside and got the apartment keys from Gatlin and then sped down the highway. We hurriedly unpacked my stuff from her van and said our goodbyes. Kathy was in a hurry because she had about an hour to make a 1 1/2 hour trip back to birmingham. I went back inside after she left and started sobbing again. I don’t think kathy realizes how much she and her family mean to me. They have always been there for me, being my family. I will miss them incredibly.

I’m plaugued by doubt right now. I’m I doing the right thing? will i fail?
I think that is my biggest concern: failure. I’m so afraid that i will get to Boone and fail miserably.
I’ll be posting pictures from my journey as i take them and as I have access to wireless internet. i’ll keep everyone updated on my blog, so… keep reading.

  • http://realanonymity.blogspot.com/ Lotus

    I know we don’t know each other (yet) but I know human nature and I can already tell that I really like you….

    Don’t doubt yourself. You CAN do this. You’ve got the world in front of you and opportunity abounds. You can and will do this! Enjoy the journey.


  • Derek

    I felt the same way when I moved here, so far away from everything I’ve ever known.

    You’ll do just fine. Think positive and things will go great.

  • Jennifer

    Do not worry, you are going to do great. I love you and if you need to talk you know how to call me. I love you and wish you all the luck in the world.
    Jennifer Ethridge Ward