We’ll all dance when this is over.

My body moved in the music… thump thump the music of the club pounded in my ears. Lights flashing,weaving as half naked bodies did the same.
A boy, no longer illegal and not really as attractive as he thought he should be, girated on top of the giant black speakers. His torso glistened with sweat and glitter as a drag queen adjusted her wig beneath him.

A spot light showered my face with blinding light and i caught a glimpse of a face i have’nt seen for months.
From the smoky darkness he emerged, the face growing clearer and more recognizable.
“Tom?!” I shouted. He smiled the same smile i remembered from years past.
“How are you? oh my god! i havent seen you in so long!” I threw my arms around him and kissed his cheek.
He smelled sweet. “I’m okay” he said as he wiped the sweat from my forehead. I sipped my drink and felt the cool bitterness of the alcohol wash over my tongue.
“I’m living in a new place now and it’s really cool” Tom grinned. When he smiled, his eyes and voice seemed to smile as well.
I hugged him again and grabbed his arm “Come dance with me!”.

He laughed and leaned closer to my ear.
“We’ll dance later. I’ll find you when this is all over.”
He looked around at the dancers writhing to the music.
I kissed his cheek and knooded. He stepped back into the fog and waved awkwardly. “It was good to see you again” he managed over the music.
I let go of his arm and he dissapeared back into the fog through the dancing bodies.
I moved once more in time to the music..thump thump thump..
I woke up the next day thinking about him. About how he had been the first boy to ever love me back.
I remembered the feeling of his arms wrapped around me. His smile. His laugh. I hadn’t seen him before i stumbled out of the club and hailed a taxi.

I rolled over in bed, reached for my cell phone and found his name in my address book.
I listened to the ringing with sweet anticipation. I could’nt wait to hear his voice again. The phone rang twice before a young girl answered. “Hello?”
“hi, can i speak to Tom?”
the girl hesitated before blurting “hold on”
Another voice came on the line
“Hey, Tom?”
“No this is his father Frank”
“Is Tom there?”
I was growing frustrated.
The man was silent for a moment before he spoke
“well son, I dont know how to tell you this.. but.. Tom passed away three weeks ago”.

I was silent as the shock of his words registered in my head.
“We’re you a friend of his?” Frank asked. I stammered “yeah…. i….was…”
Frank told me about the accident and the funeral and how i would have been invited had they known.
I thanked him as the Image of Tom from last night filled my head. As the tears began to stream from my eys i remembered his words from last night “We’ll dance later. I’ll find you when this is all over….It was good to see you…”

  • http://queerimpressions.com/blog/ roy

    omigod! i have no words… only tears.

  • Deej

    OMG – is this true?
    I saw you at the club this week, is why I’m asking…