Just Another Thanksgiving Post

I’m in montgomery for the holiday.
the sun is shining and i maaaay have had a little too much champagne…maybe…
Its almost time for thanksgiving dinner and the kids are excited. I’m one of them.
I remember this day 6 years ago. Locked in my room, my wallet and keys taken away from me.
Fearful that my entire world was about to come crashing down around me. I suppose to some degree, it did.
I wish i could go back to myself, 6 years ago, and hug me and tell me it would be okay. I would tell the younger me that, believe it or not, you make jokes about all this in 5 years. I would wipe my tears away and give hope.
Its 6 years later now, i’m a different person, independant and self sufficient. People, like my cousin Jennifer, who I grew apart from are now my closest connections to the past and to my family. Its funny how things change. How something completely life altering at one moment, is funny later. How its easier to see the lesson when the raw emotion had been drained out of it. I’m ready to enjoy the holidays again. I’m ready to get rid of the pain that seemed to infiltrate everything i did and sap the happiness from it. I’m ready to be happy again. and today… I will be.

  • http://birminghamblues.com Kathy

    I’m so glad to see this. That was probably the most fun Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had. My stomach is still sore from laughing so hard. It’s very healing.

  • Jennifer E. Ward

    I love you Zach. I am glad we got back in touch again. I really did miss you. You are the best cousin a girl could ask for. Thank you for being YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!.