A Night with Bebe, Nina, and Trinity

By Donell Foreman

So, here we are in Boston, MA: Beantown. Enjoying a two week stop with Mamma Mia!, which is a change of pace because normally we’re only in a city for one week. Besides the 16 performances we’re doing here, I decided that I am going to fearlessly conquer Boston gay nightlife. Sadly, a bunch of my plans fell through during the course of the week, so the first night I actually got to go out was Saturday. Not to fret my pets, the night proved to be well worth the wait.

Our location: House of Blues. Not normally a go-to gay place, but here in Boston it was the place to be on Saturday night. First of all, this place is HUGE. It’s not just a clue, it’s a venue. There was a huge dance floor, three bars, a stage, and an upstairs level. The only downfall was that on Saturday we had the first major snowfall in Boston, and many people were too afraid to leave their cozy abodes. House of Blues wasn’t empty, but judging from its size, it could have fit a whole ‘nother gang of folks inside.

My host for the night: Lady Trinity, a drag queen friend of mine from NYC. She has been living in Boston for a few years now and has been my inside source for the nightlife here over the past week. After my two performances on Saturday she picked me up, I watched her complete her look for the evening; I walked her into the club, and observed the rest of the night from a few feet away. One of my favorite activities (which comes in handy as an actor) is watching people watch OTHER people. Lady Trinity is a shocker. Daring, alluring, unapologetic, and fierce. With a GaGa-inspired lace mask, fishnets, and a dominatrix’s attitude to match, some stares were expected. “I love you!” “You’re beautiful!” “Can she see?” were all comments I heard being tossed in her direction throughout the night as she sauntered throughout the crowds, appearing to float above everyone (I mean, she IS a tall girl).

Did I mention who was the DJ that evening? None other than Nina Flowers, from RuPaul’s Drag Race! Dressed in a sensible sweater, jeans, and boots, Nina kept the tunes spinning and our feet moving. I was lucky enough to chat and snag a picture with her afterwards (go to http://thedjf.com for more photos). Oh! And did I mention who was performing that night? None other than the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bebe Zahara Benet.

She performed “I’m the Shit”, and was she ever. The performance was not just contained to the stage – she came down onto the dance floor and worked the room. After her performance she mingled at the bar and me, being me (I’m bold) got to chit chat and take some pictures with her.

If I did not have two performances on Sunday I would have attended the VIP after party with Bebe, Nina, and Trinity. Sadly, I had to put my work first, and leave the partying to the queens. Priorities, folks. I’ll just let you imagine the fierceness that ensued.

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