Big Gay 5 – Holiday(ish) Edition!

By Jesse

Well, friends, it’s time for another Big Gay 5 and since we’re in the week of Christmas, I figure we’d have a little holiday edish to see I could scrape up some great themed videos to share with you, along with our regular offerings, and I think I’ve found some great ones. Well, they keep me pretty entertained, at least. Hope you enjoy!

David Phelps – O Holy Night

I must say that to the best of my knowledge, David Phelps IS NOT GAY. There is absolutely nothing “gay” about this video aside from some of the Designing Women fashions going on in the background. However, I always feel like this man needs to be shared with the world. He has an amazing voice, great control, and a huge following – primarily in the Christian community. But, we are talking about Christmas, here. So, here’s the video – I hope you enjoy it. I can’t let a Christmas go by without listening to it at least ten times (I’m listening to it now). (Pleast note: There is a hiccup in the video towards the end; the sync gets off, but it will come back just in time for the amazingness.) Also, the piano player in this is killer.

Dolly Parton – Jolene (Live)

Dolly. What can really be said that hasn’t been said before? She’s an amazing women with a huge. . .heart. A gay icon and just overall Practically Perfect In Every Way. This is the video of her “Alive & Well” recording she put out a few years ago. This particular performance of Jolene has a great little spin in it having to do with some drag queens. A great song and a great performance. Long Live Dolly!!!

James Franco – “Kissing Family” on SNL

Okay, okay, I know, this isn’t a YouTube clip, but NBC is pretty high-strung when it comes to their copyright laws, so I had to get this video from Hulu. James Franco (aka, Dreamboat) just hosted SNL last week and while I think SNL is hit or miss, this sketch was pretty entertaining. . .partly because James Franco straight up made out with dudes. (Think Milk but without the love and passion that simmered between Franco and Penn.) It’s a silly sketch, as most of them are, but it’s worth the watch. And, it’s James Franco. . .I mean, come on!

Dejan Tubic – Choreography for ‘Telephone’

I’m sure it may have looked like I was about to go a whole post without something from Our Lady and Savior, Miss Gaga. Think again! I have come across this amazingly talented choreographer named Dejan Tubic. He’s super cute, super talented, and super fierce. The name of his new class in Hollywood is “Workin’ the Fierce.” And there’s a lot of “Weerk!!!” hollered out in this video. The following clip is from a class he taught: three sets of groups doing the same section of choreography, each bringing their own fierce to the table. In the first pair, the tall, fair-skinned hunk is Mr. Tubic himself.

Solid Gold! – The Twelve Gays Of Christmas

The disclaimer on the YouTube page reads: Those appearing in this video are not necessarily of the gay persuasion, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), they just play one on TV… So there’s that out of the way. But this video is a must-see. Great dancing, big smiles, and HIGH KICKS!!! The sound is a bit muddy, but it’s still a great watch.

Well! There you have it.

Hope you enjoyed the BG5 for this week. A little holiday, a little not. We like to keep things diverse up in here. Hope you all have a great holiday season and I’ll see you all next time!

Oh, how could I forget my departing video? Don’t worry. I didn’t. This boy does a lip-sync version of I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. And while I don’t know what his sexual preference is, there’s a lot of gay up in here. Or maybe it’s gay fantasy? Or maybe it’s just a cute boy without a shirt on. Whatever it is, check it out. And if you have the BSB (I don’t blame you), it’s just as good a watch on mute. SEE YA NEXT WEEK!

  • http://twitter.com/interstateq Matt

    I want it that way, too! lol Brightened up my evening. Thanks Zack