Porn Star of the Week: Jeremy Bilding


As one of our new features here at QueerVoice.net, we’ve decided to profile a porn performer every week. This week, our performer is Jeremy Bilding.

Bilding was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his day to answer a few questions for us, here’s his interview:

QueerVoice.net :First, I guess is the obvious question of “How did you get into porn?”


Jeremy Bilding: I had actually always wanted to get into porn. There had been an enticement since I had first discovered it. Over the years, of course, I had only thought of it as a fantasy. So, after making a few changes in my personal mantras a few years ago, I decided it was time to start doing what I wanted to be doing, and I started researching how to get into porn. I was living in Denver, and had replied to a Craigslist ad for male talent seeking work. The ad was for a scout that had put me in contact, or I should really say showed me a few websites/studios. I had started filling out the “I want to be a model” forms, and starting St Patrick’s Day week 2008, I started shooting my first scenes.

QV:You’ve done mostly gay porn, do you identify as a gay man?

JB: I personally do not like identifying myself as any of the labels. It just doesn’t matter. I’m sexual. I love to get off. I’m great by myself, but definitely better with you. I identify with anyone that I have that kind of chemistry with, that when we hook up we may forget how to breathe, or possibly our own names.

QV:Toward the beginning of your career you did several bareback scenes, but for a while now you’ve been performing with condoms. Was there a “eureka” moment where you swore off bareback porn or are you still open to it?

JB: There was no “eureka” moment, per se. I had sworn off Natural Sex to simply be more precautious. I occasionally still have natural sex, with partners that I know, trust, and we’ve been tested with, regularly. My Natural Sex scenes were always very controlled, testing within days of the shoot, with requests to abstain from sexual contact prior to the shoot.

By no means, does that mean that it’s fool proof. Of course some of the guys were still having fun in their personal life. Some of us would be respectful, and honest, and would wait. I only work with scene partners that I trust to limit the risk with. That being said, the only true Safe Sex, is No Sex.

Bilding with fellow performer Wolf Hudson

QV:What’s something you haven’t done on camera yet that you want to? Anyone you really want to work with but haven’t?

JB: There are countless people that I would love to work with. Namely, a lot of these people are also contracted with other studios, so we have to figure out ways around those.

As for things on camera that I haven’t done yet, that I would love to do, I really want to do something that people don’t just get into, but feel as though they’re a part of. I’d love to be part of the “Hottest Scene Ever”.

QV: Where would you like to see your career in 4 years? Will you be Sarah Palin’s running mate?

JB: I would love to see people still, if not more, loving the scenes that I’m a part of. If I’m still filming, that would be absolutely awesome. I would love to, and I will shoot for as long as people want to watch me. Of course I’d love to have a good grip of awards under my belt as well.

As for Sarah Palin and becoming her Running Mate… No. But that’s really only because she’d be more so mine. The only thing that I’d really want to do with Sarah Palin, is fuck her. I’d fuck her stupid, make her forget her name, and really show her who’s the “Maverick”, right?

  • Neil

    Gay porn star Jeremy Bilding is Adam Cuculich by birth