I’m sitting there listening to Gen. Wesley Clarklambast the Bush administration and how they’ve mis-handled…well… everything. The downtown democrats are all sitting in rapt attention, applauding when polite. I’m sitting at a table with Aunt Kathy, several democratic candidates for one thing or another and of course, Patricia Todd. Suddenly I hear the faint pulses of a song i cant quite recognize. Patricia Todd begins fumbling nervously through her purse. It dawned on me.. it was her cell phone! Then, as she pulled her phone out of her purse to shut it off, i realized i recognized the song. Patricia Todd, The first openly gay state representative in Alabama, the first white person to be elected in a majority black district in over 20 years… has “Holla Back Girl” as her ringtone. I LIVE for this shit.

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    Hee hee…