A Moral Dillema?

This story involves 5 people, Me, “John”, “Bob”, “Hector” and “Rick”. Of course the names arent real, but im not going to put any more people in danger than already are.
I’ve been seeing “Bob” on and off for about 2 months, nothing deeply serious, but he is a good friend. On a date with Bob last week, he mentioned that his roomate John is HIV positive and may have been fucking around with people bareback and not telling them about his status. Bob mentioned a friend of John, “Hector” has been fooling around on him even though Hector has a boyfriend. I asked Bob is Hector’s boyfriend was named “Rick”. Bob said that it was. I was in a relationship with Rick for quite sometime. In fact Rick started his relationship with Hector very soon after he and I ended our relationship. I told Bob this and he looked shocked. “You might want to tell him that Hector has been fooling around with John, I dont know how safe they’ve been, or even if John has told Hector about his HIV status.” I knew that if I told Rick what was going on, i would probably be accused of trying to start ‘drama’. Its no secret that I have no love for Hector. I wrestled with the issue for a few days before coming to the conclusion that Rick had to be told. Today I did. Rick is scared, angry and still doesnt know whether to believe me or not. Hector got online and threatened to hurt Bob saying “i aint gonna be happy till your weak ass boyfriend has blood on his fucking clothes. See how fast it takes me to beat this nelly ass bitch down fucker”. It should be mentioned that Hector is in his teens, Rick, his mid 20′s and Bob, his 30′s. The question is, did i do the right thing by telling Rick? Rick is probably mad as hell at me, Hector and John are threatening to beat up Bob… i’m stressed out. John has started saying that I asked him to come over and have sex with me bareback, or that i’m lying, or Bob is lying because he doesnt like Hector. I just wanted Rick to have the information so he could protect himself and deal with the situation. Part of me wants to wash my hands of it, tell them all “Fuck it, i’ve done what i can”….did i do the right thing?

  • Jennifer E. Ward

    I personally think you did the right thing. If someone were waiting for him at home with a loaded gun, you would tell him right? If someone were to say I am going to shoot him with a bullet that will not kill him right away but will make him suffer for years and years you would try to stop that. There is no difference. Standing up and being a man is something “John” needs to do and not hurt anyone. Being grown does not make you a man. Standing up and owning up to your situation DOES. Jennifer