So its 4:30 am, and i just updated my version of wordpress to 2.0.4 its hugely easier to use and i even picked out this snazzy looking template. I’m sorry i havent been posting much lately. I’ve been working, writing, and working even more.

One thing: If you are a commenter, please try to remain civil in the comments.

It’s all I ask.

Happy Birthday Aunt Kathy, I hope you like your updated blog system too. Its 4:41am and i’m kicking myself for drinking that dollar store energy drink. Even though it was only a dollar.. I wrote 4 pages of synopsis for a new story i’m writing. several notes and even changed some plot points. i’m worried about the ending as it seems kind of blah to me.

Anywho, i’m going to try to get in 4 hours of sleep before i have to be at work at 10am tommorow morning. Making 6 dollars in curbside was NO fun today…errr. yesterday..

Update: OH MY GOD, click the lady bug on the top right of this post. see the ladybugs humping down below. I LOVE IT!

  • http://www.queervoice.net/kmcmullen Kathy

    And when you click on the second ladybug, it says, “What are you looking at?” LOL! I like the new look — and thanks for updating me too. Hope you got some sleep.