Random Thoughts #1

-Yesterday was my second interview at my (hopefully) new job. I think it went well, but then my last interview went horribly and I still got a call back. so i guess we’ll see. I was alot taller than my interviewer, i think perhaps i intimidated him.

-I drove through 5 points in Birmingham last night and the rainbow flags are still up. Marching through the middle of southside with hundreds of people cheering you can be very..liberating. I only hope i can hold on to that liberated feeling till next year.

- Sandy(the wiener dog) keeps waking me up at 6:30 am. I roll over but she then applys pressure to the worst part of my body to wake me up, my bladder. she’s tricky, that wiener.

-After three cups of coffee, one listen of the Kylie Minogue CD I burned last night, and taking Sandy out to pee…i’m still mostly asleep. I think perhaps a shower will help. (sniff) yeah.. a shower.

  • lyrix1711

    WOO HOO for good interviews!!! You gonna tell us yet who they’re with? ;-)