More Pride Pics

Per request, I’ve decided to post some more pics from Pride, i hope everyone likes.

Here I am holding the rainbow flag. How gay do i look? DJ Derek took this picture and showered me with compliments all weekend. He’s very sweet.

Here is Equality Alabama Chairperson Howard “Jaquita” Bayless posing with his equality winning smile.

Lesbians LOVE to sign up for stuff. absolutely love it. All you have to do is hand them a clipboard and they start signing everything!

While we’re on the subject of lesbians, lets talk about my favorite lesbian of all time, Patricia Todd. She’s running for the State House of Representatives, in MY district. She got my vote in the primary and she’ll have it in the run-off too. not because she’s a lesbian, because she lets me call her ‘Momma’

Here is the a small portion of the PFLAG group that marched. Those PFLAGers, always so organized and accepting and loving and shit… damn them!

This is Eric. I met Eric on myspace, he’s cute. ’nuff said.

Here is a lesbian who was playing Pat Sajak, or Vanna White.. i’m not… no it was Bob Barker.

Thats all the pics i’m going to post tonight, more tommorow. maybe.

  • lyrix1711

    LOVE the pics! Thank you for posting them!!! You and John are SUCH the hotties!

  • Administrator

    John? A hottie?…. yeah , he is.