My Birthday Week

Inspired by DG, I have set out to celebrate my birthWEEK. It has been pretty fun so far, though saturday almost no one came to my actual party. 3 People showed up; Bill, Angela and Terry.
I’ve had absolutley no desire to blog over the last few days and i’m not really sure why. I think it may be a bout of depression setting in. I was off work for the last 5 days and i took very long naps each day. I think thats a bad sign. I have no idea why i should be depressed, but i guess thats the wierd thing about depression in that it usually sets in when you have absolutley no reason to feel sad about life. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, i’m tired constantly, i procrastinate like a mutha.. i dunno. I miss Shane. I’ll only be able to see him for a few hours on saturday night when i go up to Huntsville, and then i wont be able to see him till NEXT weekend. Feeling this way about someone scares me. I find it hard to trust Shane even though he hasnt given me a reason to distrust him.
It isnt his fault that i’ve been hurt in the past. wow… Maybe i do have a reason to be depressed.

  • labayu

    Well Happy Birthday, nonetheless!

  • lyrix1711

    Uh, so yeah….you didn’t invite ME to the party. I would have been there. So, NAH! There’s one more for your pahtayyyyy. And Ash would have come. And we would have brought the troops out. Just so you know. For next time and all. :)