Fags should die, but i have nothing against homosexuals.

Judge Antonin Scalia in giving a speech in Switzerland (sidenote: why was he in Switzerland?) noted that Homosexuals didnt have constitutional rights. but was quick to that he has “nothing against homosexuals.” Its kinda like Bull Conner saying he doesnt have anything against black people. We have officially entered the Bizarro World.

UPDATE: Here is the Original News Item about this. It was requested in the comments that I provide it.

  • Leone

    It’s always the ‘but’ word that I have a problem with: I’m not racist ‘but’ (I am)……….followed by clearly racist logic. I’m not homophobic ‘but’………blah blah (equally as bigoted rhetoric). The other one is the word ‘because’ (all ‘b’ words you will note and I’m gonna call them the bigot words for convenience). For example, I’m not racist ‘because’ my friend from 17 years ago in a previous life was black followed by – yes you’ve guessed it – the ‘but’ word followed by ………… pure racism.

    My point is: Beware the ‘b’ words – ‘but’ and ‘because’ especially when used together to explain why somebody is not homophobic because ….. but ……..(here begins the absolutely homophobic argument that somehow it’s orator feels has been legitamised by the use of the ’2 b’s’.) If you get the one ‘b’ then the comment may be wholly unacceptable but with ’2 b’s’ hang on to your hats and you gotta realise that he/she thinks he’s said nothing wrong because he/she is under the protection of the bigots ‘trinity’ – the ’2 b’s’……..

    I’m not anti-str8 because my father’s one but …… just kiddin………

    Leone xx

  • http://www.queervoice.net/kmcmullen Kathy

    Scalia has lost it!

  • SteveS

    Do you have a news source for that by chance?

  • Administrator

    Updated the Article with the news source

  • Ricardoslick

    Did not understand it to be honest , The Judge noted that Homossexuals did not have constitutional rights and he does not have nothing against homossexuals… who is this judge? Is he known as a homosexual hating persona?