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Digital uproar over bigoted radio hosts

The gays are not happy about “Rick and Bubba”, but Rick just says he’s preaching God’s word.


Equality Weekend

I’ll be attending and blogging about/tweeting about the Equality Weekend this weekend. I hope to have lots of pictures, video and even interviews with some of the big wigs at the events this weekend. you can visit the website for the event here The picture above is from the dedication of the Ken Baker Equality …

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If you use any of the current social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook, you know about activism pages. For instance, on facebook several groups have popped up concerning the recent shooting of an Auburn University student and Westboro “god hates fags” Baptist Church protest of her funeral. People have joined these groups in droves …

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Just Another Late World AIDS Day Post

Porn star Francesco d’Macho (Yeah, I would have chosen the name for myself too) posted a video on his blog for World AIDS Day that was very touching. It’s also a very important message that, aside from abstinence (and I know none of MY readers can give up sex) a condom is your only weapon …

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ABC wants YOU… to make out with your same-sex partner in Birmingham.

Okay.. maybe not YOU, but certainly “actors” of some sort. According to Fox6 (and who would know all about what ABC is up but a Fox affiliate) an ABC RV was parked in southside and concerned citizens went to question: The merchant said ABC was working on a week-long project to see how people would …

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A Pleasant Suprise

I’m flipping through Ex-Gay Watch and I come across this post which features a video done by a “Dan Rickard” for a college class. The subject of the film is, of course, the ex-gay movement and his own experiences with their destructive rhetoric. I watch the 8 minute video and I almost fall out of …

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More Pride Pics

Per request, I’ve decided to post some more pics from Pride, i hope everyone likes. Here I am holding the rainbow flag. How gay do i look? DJ Derek took this picture and showered me with compliments all weekend. He’s very sweet.


Pride is Over, Now go back to being ashamed.

I feel as though I’ve been hit several times by a big gay Mack Truck. My legs are killing me and I think I have sunburn in places i didnt think the sun shined. I did, however, get loads of pictures, and here are some for your visual enjoyment. The first pic is of the …

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