How do you find a balance between wanting peace and wanting justice?

With the Occupy movement in full swing and the recent incident at UCDavis, one can’t help but be appalled at the blatant disregard for human rights by the police all across the country. I’m not surprised that people are being arrested. They are performing civil disobedience and that comes with the territory.
The horrific thing is the amount of force being used by these police officers on peaceful protesters. The students were right to chant “SHAME! SHAME!” at the police.
Someone suggested to me that the protesters should have fought back. They should have pepper sprayed the police back. Maybe they should have thrown rocks or attacked the police with fists.
I have to say there is a part of me that wants to throw some punches. A part of me wants to go screaming into a crowd of these police officers swinging wildly.
I wrestle with the sharp emotions of anger and betrayal that I have when I see these images. But at some point someone has to say no.
Someone has to stand up and declare that violence will not be met with violence and the ideas will prevail.
Any time a major change to the system is demanded, the soldiers of the status quo (often the police, but not always) react with violence and force. We saw it in Birmingham in the 1960′s and at Anti-war protests in the 70′s and during the Bush era.
And we’re seeing it now.
A major change to the system that perpetuates economic injustice is being demanded and I fear that more violence is to come.
But with each punch, the ideas become stronger and more visible. With each volley of pepper spray, the people are waking up to see a major problem in our nation.
They may make you bleed, but they can’t make you stop thinking and demanding the change. Your eyes and your mouths will burn and your tears will flow, but your message will escape. Your words will become more powerful than a closed fist will ever be.


The more things change, the more they stay the same

The Michigan Legislature recently passed a bill addressing the issue of bullying. Except the “religious provisions” in the bill allow for bullying based on religious motives. Basically, If you bully someone for being gay but you do it because you believe the Bible tells you to do it, then you’re ok.
State Senator Gretchen Whitmer gives the legislature the tongue lashing it deserves:

I would expect something like this from my home state of Alabama, but I thought things would be different here in Michigan. You’ll find ignorant bigots in every state.


The doors creaked open..

It’s been a while since I brought up the “add new post” page on this blog. I was actually ready to delete the whole thing. I’ve been blogging mostly on other sites like Tumblr and over on my Bear-focused blog lately. But I wanted to have a space where I could talk about things that aren’t Bear related, and I remembered I already had such a space.

Cleaning up the blog was no easy task. The software itself was out of date, the theme was about 5 versions behind and the only comments I seem to be getting lately are from spam bots and Russian mail-order brides. I was able to get everything updated and reset for my new venture forward.
I’m not sure how many of you are still reading or even how many are still subscribed through RSS. If you are, I’m glad you stuck around. Hopefully I will earn back my readership if you’ll all have me.

Hang on tight because here we go again.


Alabama lesbian beaten by group, then arrested.

25 year old Laura Gilbert was beaten by a group of people outside a bar in Opelika, Alabama.
Gilbert says it was because she is gay.

from local CBS Affliate WRBL:

Gilbert says she said aloud before heading there for a friend’s birthday, “I don’t think they like my kind there.”

Gilbert and her friend from high school, Sheila Siddall, say they went there to sing karoake.

“As soon as we walked in the bar, I felt uncomfortable,” Gilbert said. “I felt everybody staring at us, but you know, it was her birthday, I didn’t want to ruin it for her.”
Gilbert and Siddall say as they were about to leave, a woman confronted them and started to fight with them. The fight grew to include about a dozen people, including two men, and moved outside, according to the women.

After the police arrived and talked to members of the group, Gilbert was arrested.

here is the local news report:

I’m not surprised by this at all. Opelika is home to many an ignorant bigot. Gilbert is lucky she made it out alive.
Still the behavior of the police in this incident is deplorable. Though the Sherrif’s office says “The arrest that took place was a result of a law enforcement officer actively and presently observing what he at that moment in time perceived to be a violation of the law,” is ludicrous. Why were the attackers not arrested? Were they, having just emerged from a bar, all clean and sober?
Way to live up to stereotypes of Alabamians being ignorant bigots, Opelika.


Getting ready

As many of my blog readers know. I’ve lived in Alabama for 100% of my life.
I was born here and i grew up here.
In fact, the name of this blog used to be called “Sweet Homo Alabama”. I think a lot of you remember that as it wasn’t that long ago.
Now comes the time to move on.
In May of this year, I’ll be joining David, my partner of over two years, in Detroit, Michigan. I’m a bit nervous about the move, though I have visited Detroit several times since David moved there. It’s a cool city with a passionate urban community dedicated to rebuilding the city and reclaiming it from collapse.
Now comes the preparations, the packing and the visiting before I move.
3 months and counting.
The future is a scary place.


Patton Oswalt wants to play a dumb gay best friend

Comedian Patton Oswalt visited Conan last night to talk about his book and his idea for the stereotypical gay best friend roles in movies.


Shark killed by a drunk diver

A Serbian man with a cool name, Dragan Stevic, is being hailed as a hero at an Egyptian resort after he accidentally killed a shark by diving on to its head.

“Dragan climbed on the jumping board, told me to hold his beer and simply ran to jump. There was no time for me to react or to try to stop him, he just went for it” says Milovan.
“Dragan jumped high and plunged down to the sea, but didn’t make as much splash as we thought he would”, explained Milovan.

The reason could be because Dragan Stevic ended up jumping straight on the shark which was lurking near the beach, probably looking for its next victim. Dragan had nailed it right in the head, killing it instantly. The Egyptian police found the shark (pictured) washed out on the beach that morning

The shark has allegedly been terrorizing the beach for a while, injuring 4 people and killing one. For now, Stevic is in the hospital recovering from alcohol poisoning. The resort is rewarding him with a free vacation, so as soon as he gets better from alcohol poisoning he can get back to drinking and killing sharks.


So…. this is a thing

Only “terrists” will object to these god-fearin’ Ameri-trees.

“I believe we need to take a stand and rescue our religious holiday,” says Marsha Boggs, founder of Boss Creations. “The new tradition of celebrating Christmas with a CHRIST-mas Tree will help put an end to the secularization of Christmas while enhancing the family’s celebration. We also hope to spark the curiosity and develop dialogue with those who may celebrate Christmas but who may not know the true meaning for holiday.”

From a press release

This is what happens when you take the gays out of Christmas.


It’s the little things, really.


Alabama legislators are baffled by inequality in possible law

Alabama’s first openly gay state representative, Patricia Todd, brought up a problem with a proposed law that would limit gifts to legislators and their spouses. Todd asked whether or not her wife would be considered a “spouse” even though Alabama law does not recognize their marriage and they were married out of state.

I can hear the good ol’ boys of Montgomery grumbling about how they have to deal with the gay thing yet again. No one had an answer for her and I would imagine it puts them in a hard place. Do they recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex, or do the rules just not apply to Patricia Todd?

I would imagine that no one in the Alabama legislature ever dreamed they would have to face the people they were demonizing all those years and have to interact with them as equals.
Via The Associated Press

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