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I married a Catholic

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Well, not really. I mean, we were not married with the blessing of the Catholic church, so he’s not married, although I sure as hell am, and I’m pretty sure I could get the courts to see it my way in the event of a divorce. Which is kind of similar, really, to gays who are married in states where that is legal. Their marriage bond is recognized by the government but not the Catholic Church. And I’m sure they’re losing about as much sleep over this as I am.

Not so Archbishop Myers of Newark, NJ, who is apparently so upset about marriages he does not recognize that he has decided people who do accept them should maybe not be taking communion.

“If they continue to be unable to assent to or live the Generic Levitra Church’s reaching in these matters, they must in all honesty and humility refrain from receiving Holy Communion until they can do so with integrity; to continue to receive Holy Communion while so dissenting would be objectively dishonest,” Myers wrote.

(Please note that the fault here lies solely with the communicants, who have Brought It On Themselves. I think this kind of twistiness is a special skill Catholic priests learn, maybe in seminary Debate Club.)

Of course, this only applies to Newark area gay-sympathizers. We are anxiously awaiting Archbishop Rodi’s opinion to know whether or not Mr. Del will be told he is objectively dishonest for accepting the saving Body and Blood of Christ at a Mobile altar rail.  After sinning with me for thirty years come next April, he can’t have far to fall.

Bravado with a Side of Homophobia

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

…and a heaping helping of sexism.

North Carolina congressional candidate and state senator David Rouzer, speaking to a Tea Party Express rally on Sunday:

ROUZER: When we get [Romney and Ryan] in you are going to see a big change, you’re going to see number one that America is going to be respected again around the world. You’re going to see all this turmoil that’s taking place, you’re going to see them look up and say guess what, the American people have spoken and maybe we need to cut it out a little bit, maybe we need to tone it down a little bit, because now we have real men in the White House.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: No girly men!

ROUZER: That’s right, no girly men.

Is he saying all the men in the Obama White House are gay? Well, that would put him way out into tinfoil hat territory with the far electronic cigarette usa right nuts who think happily married President Obama is secretly a coke-snorting homo who’s had some of his ex-lovers killed. No, I’m not going to link; these people don’t need any more attention. Perhaps he simply thinks the men are sissies. Which, of course, makes them too much like women, and we can’t have that.

Steve M. has written quite a bit lately about the fever dreams of some right-wingers who see themselves as the heroes in an apocalypse they seem to crave. I’m sure Mr. Rouzer sees himself as one of the he-men leading the charge toward war with Iran or any other country that irritates him, kicking them into submission and walking away with only a few manly scratches.

Personally, if I had to choose someone to lead the charge against an oncoming apocalypse, it wouldn’t be Mr. Rouzer. It would be a girl. This girl:


h/t Think Progress

Eugene Delgaudio: Homophobe AND Liar

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Yesterday, I noted a nasty image used in a fundraising letter for Loudoun County (VA) Eugene Delgaudio’s anti-gay organization, Public Advocate. It’s a photoshop of a bloody door using rainbow colors:

David Weintraub, president of Equality Loudoun, called out Delgaudio for the violence implicit in the image, his anti-LGBT rhetoric, and in particular his reference to a transgender person as “it”. Now Delgaudio is pushing back, and it’s a wonder his pants haven’t burst into flame.

Delgaudio said the image was originally rainbow colored and Equality Loudoun, a pro-gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender group doctored it to look like blood in another image. He said there is no image with blood that came from his organization.

I swear his nose must have grown an inch. But there’s more:

“This homosexual lobby has been Photoshopping me and everything I’m associated with for my entire time being in public office electronic cigarettes aa battery,” Delgaudio said. “So this is really rich that they would be accusing me of Photoshopping something that I didn’t Photoshop. They forgot that they Photoshopped this. They’re deceiving themselves that I said something  without calling me.”

Yeah, right. Google bloody door and five of the first twelve images look like this (the first one is dated June 17, 2009):

So I guess the “homosexual lobby” created a “rainbow door” sometime before June 2009 and then photoshopped it to look like a bloody door, all because they knew Delgaudio would use the original in a 2011 fundraising letter. Sure. Google rainbow door and, well, let’s just say you won’t turn up any images of rainbow-colored blood spatter.


Delgaudio is running for re-election, and his opponent Al Nevarez could use some help to unseat him. If you’re so moved, visit ActBlue to make a donation.

h/t epluribusunum at Loudoun Progress

What’s the Matter with Loudoun County?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

UPDATE: Want to help unseat Eugene Delgaudio (see below for why)? Here’s the ActBlue link to donate to Al Nevarez, who’s running against him. Go Al! And many thanks to Liz of The True Adventures of the Doorbell Queen and Loudoun Progress for the heads up.


I suspect everyone on the interwebs has seen this horrible image of President Obama, sent out as part of a Halloween email from the Loudoun County (VA) Republican Committee as “a light-hearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday.”

Yeah, that’s just hilarious. I don’t know why I forgot to laugh. After the Virginia Republican Party and Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell condemned the use of the image, the Loudoun County Committee issued one of those patented non-apology apologies:

“The Loudoun County Republican Committee yesterday sent an email to its members that represented a light-hearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday,”said Mark Sell, chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee in a written statement obtained by multiple outlets.

“Apparently, some individuals have interpreted an image of Barack Obama that appeared within the email as intending to portray the president as a victim of a violent crime. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we deeply and sincerely apologize to the president and anyone who viewed the image if that was the impression that was left. The LCRC deplores any effort to display, suggest or promote violence against the president or any other political figure.”

Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would interpret an image of the President with a bullet hole in his forehead and part of his skull torn away as “intending to portray the president as a victim of a violent crime”. And a response that might as well read, “Gee, we’re sorry you took it that way. Where’s your sense of humor?” is not an apology. An apology is where you admit you were wrong and express regret for the damage you caused.

But…that’s not all that’s wrong in Loudoun County. Eugene Delgaudio, Republican Supervisor for Sterling District, is running for re-election (I’m not going to link to his campaign site, so you can either trust me or google him). A few days before the Halloween debacle, he sent out a fundraising email for his anti-gay lobbying organization, Public Advocate (again, no link) that included this image:

Pam has the entire email posted at her place, and it’s a screed against “conservative traitors” who have allowed the infiltration of “radical homosexuals” into national Republican leadership. Oooh, scary! Actually, what’s really scary is the source material for this photoshopped image, noted by a commenter at Loudoun Progress and added to the original post:

And the Loudoun Times-Mirror just endorsed this homophobic ass for re-election. Geez, is there something in the water there?

Roy Moore Wants a Re-Do as Chief Justice

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

He’s baaaaaaacccck!  Former Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from office in 2003 for being a self-righteous asshole refusing to abide by a federal judge’s order to remove his 5,280-lb. graven image of the Ten Commandments (the second of which prohibits graven images) from public display in the state judicial building.

Now he’s “seriously considering” running to regain that office.

Judge Roy Moore said Tuesday he’s seriously considering running again for chief justice eight years after being kicked out of the job for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument.

Moore, 64, told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview that lots of people have encouraged him to enter the Republican primary and he expects to decide Buy Cialis by Jan. 1.

That sound you hear?  It’s me retching.

Let us not forget that this is the man who wrote in reference to LGBT people:

The State carries the power of the sword, that is, the power to prohibit [homosexual] conduct with physical penalties, such as confinement and even execution.   It must use that power to prevent the subversion of children toward this lifestyle, to not encourage a criminal lifestyle.

Of course, Roy also “seriously” considered running for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, but he decided against it.  He actually ran for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2006 and 2010 – and was soundly trounced both times. We can only hope for similar results this time around.

More Homophobia…

Monday, January 18th, 2010

…from Frank Matthews “Faith” in Birmingham.  Brought to us by the same email address that delivered Frank’s open letter to the citizens of Birmingham, decrying the proposal to expand Pre-K in Birmingham.  Because better educational opportunities for the city’s children are part of the gay agenda.  Or something.

Now it’s right out in the open.  In a PowerPoint (PDF link) and everything.  The citizens of Birmingham must vote reviews of electronic cigarettes for William Bell for mayor because Patrick Cooper might be gay.  And he might be gay because his ex-wife and her new husband gave him big campaign contributions.

Wait, what?  They’re paying him off because he’s gay?  Yeah, I’m confused too.

Thank God this election will be over tomorrow (knock on wood).  And thank mooncat for uploading this disgusting piece of crap so I didn’t have to.

Just in Case You Need Another Reason to Vote against William Bell

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Frank Matthews.  Yep, “n*ggers and gays!” Frank Matthews is at it again, concern trolling Birmingham mayoral candidate Patrick Cooper’s support for Howard Bayless’ 2007 candidacy for the Birmingham School Board.  He’s written an open letter (PDF) to the citizens of Birmingham that is, he assures us, in no way intended to attack the character of either Cooper or Bayless.  Uh huh.

As a minister, I am compelled to reveal to you Mr. Cooper’s public position concerning a vital moral issue that impacts the foundation of our families, our churches, our schools, and all of society: the issue of homosexuality. It is true “all of us have sinned and fallen short of bringing God glory” as stated in Romans 3:23. It is also true that we must repent for known sins. The Word of God clearly states homosexuality is a sin according to Romans 1:24-32. God loves us as sinners, but He hates our sin. Traditional marriage between a man and a woman has been the foundation of every civilized culture since the beginning of time. The citizens of Alabama understand this and showed their agreement by voting overwhelmingly in 2006 by an 81% to 19% margin in favor of the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment Act defining marriage as between one man and one woman. In October 2007, Birmingham elected the first openly gay man to public office in Alabama as Howard Bayless won a seat on the Birmingham City School Board governing the affairs of almost 30,000 young hearts and minds in our city. He did this with the support of the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender political action committee in the nation along with the very public endorsement of Patrick Cooper standing proudly at Mr. Bayless’ side. It is not my intention to disrespect either of these men, but it is my online blackjack usa legal duty to remind God’s people that this is an abomination and unpleasing in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

It’s an abomination for Cooper to support a candidate who happens to be gay?  Personally, I find Matthews’ homophobia to be pretty damn abominable.  Not to mention his hypocrisy.  Does he think “our Heavenly Father” is happy with his ongoing support for criminal bribe-taker Larry Langford?  I’m guessing he’s banking on William Bell to give him back his cushy $72,000 a year City Hall job, or maybe even a better one, if Bell is elected mayor.

Matthews goes on to hit every hot button of the right-wing anti-gay agenda — being gay spreads disease, children are being indoctrinated, blah, blah, blah de blah.

All across the nation, school boards for children at the elementary and kindergarten levels are approving curriculum that promotes the homosexual lifestyle. This is morally wrong, brings confusion about gender identity to our children, condones sexual perversion, and can ultimately have detrimental influence socially. Not only would Patrick Cooper seek to advance this radical agenda upon our matriculating school children, but he wants to eliminate the “Laptops for Kids” program altogether, and replace it with Pre-K programs. These programs would indoctrinate the acceptance of this lifestyle, by our children, at an even earlier age.

Reality is Alabama has the top-rated Pre-K program in the country, it’s just not available to nearly enough children.  How often does Alabama rate at the top of anything?  Somehow I doubt the program would be so highly rated if its purpose was to indoctrinate children into the “homosexual lifestyle”.

Frank Matthews is a bigot.  I wish I believed his bigotry would backfire, but I fear this crap will work.  I hope the citizens of Birmingham will prove me wrong.

h/t mooncat at Left in Alabama

The Face of Evil

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I thought, after their ignorant and hateful comments about Haiti, the choice would be either Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh. But in reality, the religious bigotry and the attempts at “humor” at the expense of people who’ve suffered a horrific tragedy haven’t stopped an outpouring of support from the United States, and they’ve both been subject to well-deserved opprobrium for their hateful and, yes, un-Christian remarks.

scott-lively-face-of-evilNo, the Face of Evil is this guy, Scott Lively, the man who last spring took his anti-gay crusade to Uganda, which, in what I’m sure is a complete coincidence, is now considering execution for people who commit “homosexual acts”.

“The gay movement is an evil institution,” he told Uganda’s Family Life Network. “The goal of the gay movement is to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.”

Then Lively, who has authored a book called The Pink Swastika, played into the fears raised by Uganda’s history.

“Male homosexuality has historically been, not adult to adult; it’s been Online Blackjack adult to teenager,” he said. “It’s called pederasty — adults sodomizing teenage boys.”

Later in his trip, Lively addressed the Ugandan Parliament on the gay issue, recommending therapy to help people leave their gay lifestyle. A few months later, a bill was introduced to execute people for some homosexual acts.

Lively says he never suggested putting the death penalty into bill, and he says he thinks the bill goes too far.

“But the fact that they’re willing to stand up and say, ‘No, we are not going let you homosexualize our country!’ — that is a step in the right direction, and I would hope that it would spread to other countries,” he says.

Yeah, don’t blame him.  He just went to Uganda and lied repeatedly about LGBT people and their motivations.  He says he doesn’t support the death penalty, but he’s still praising the sentiment behind it.  But, hey, it’s totally not his fault if the Ugandan government starts rounding up gay people and putting them to death.  Nope.  Not at all.

Homophobia: Alive and Well in Birmingham

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

New campaign flyers from some group no one’s ever heard of target Birmingham mayoral candidate Patrick Cooper for his support of Howard Bayless, a former school board member who ran for City Council this year.  Bayless’ “crime”?  He’s the first openly gay man elected to public office in Alabama.

One flier’s disclaimer reads “Paid for by Faith in Birmingham.” However, no such group is registered with the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office or with the Jefferson County Probate Office. The other flier lists no sponsor.

Alabama’s Fair Campaign Practices Act mandates such campaign literature be marked as a paid political advertisement and give the identification of the principal individual who paid for or authorized it.

I don’t know if William Bell is behind this attack or not.  I do know that he is a coward who attacked Cooper at a local prayer breakfast as a “slave trader from Mobile” (I heard it from an eyewitness well before the Cooper campaign called him out on it) and then tried to excuse it by saying he didn’t name any names.

I also know that I will be making a donation to the Cooper campaign tomorrow.  BTW, Commissioner Bell “Faith” in Birmingham, that’s known as the Law of Unintended Consequences.

If you’d like to join me, here’s Cooper’s donation link.

Marriage Equality Protest in Atlanta This Saturday

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Commenter wspencer passed along the information below about a marriage equality protest in Atlanta this weekend.

In the wake of marriage equality being defeated in Maine, and the one year anniversary of the passage of proposition 8, activists are holding protests throughout the country to express their outrage that the majority has the right to deny civil rights to a minority population.

Immediate Call for Action:
Rally in support of Maine/Prop8 Anniversary

Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday, November 14
12:00-2:00 pm
GA State Capitol Building (Washington St. Side)
contact: Jeff Schade (

Everyone is invited!