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“Occupy Mobile member arrested”

Friday, November 18th, 2011

That headline makes it sound like he was doing something baaaad, right? Like maybe disrupting the peace, or defecating in public, or something. But no. He was going through security down at Gov’t Plaza, in order to file paperwork to appear before the city council.

As the group attempted to pass through the security checkpoint in front of the elevators, the security officer said that only two could go up at a time, Hapkmeyer said.
When Henderson asked why not, the officer told him to “shut up and stop asking him questions,” Hapkmeyer said.  When Henderson calmly asked again, the officer arrested him, Hapkmeyer said. (more…)

The Appearance Police Are on the Job in Alabama

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Wow, does Alabama’s new immigration law bring the haters out of the woodwork.  And I’m not talking about this woman:

Tiffany R. Morales of Jasper, who certainly appears to have some mental and criminal issues, called Gov. Bentley’s office on September 29 and told the person who answered the phone, “Tell the governor he has a bullet with his name on it.” She says her fiancé is an undocumented immigrant who has fled the state, and she’s unhappy with the passage of HB56.

Now, let me hasten to say that no one should be threatening anyone else’s life.  There’s no way to excuse this, although I suspect she’d benefit a lot more from some top-notch mental health care than she will from the possible five years in prison she’s facing.

However, her actions are no excuse for the vitriol that’s coming her way at and the Montgomery Advertiser site.  One commenter posted a link to the original Advertiser account in an attempt to get the others to see that she has a history of attempting violence in what can only be described as particularly self-destructive circumstances.  I mean, trying to stab a sheriff’s deputy while another deputy is STANDING RIGHT THERE? This woman’s not exactly a master criminal.

Unfortunately, the Advertiser story included a photo of the woman, and commenters were quick to go after her appearance. You see, she not only made the mistake of threatening the governor, she did it while not looking like a supermodel. Apparently her looks and her weight are fair game for anonymous folks who don’t have their own unflattering photos displayed next to their screen names.

Alpharaptor: That obese heifer psycho is angry because the only man that would have her heifer butt is an illegal Mexican alien jumping bean chupacabra!!

BelleII: Aw…Tiffany is just mad because she is afraid she will lose her “caliente latino lover”

Did Troy King succeed in closing down those toy stores? I think I’ll look into getting Miss Tiffany a gift certificate, if not. The Viagra problem is this folks: We have too many desperate, oversexed, overweight women in our state. Most of us that are somewhat normal will not give Jose or Javier a second glance….but then, you have Tiffanys everywhere, dressing up in Lane Bryant lingerie and beckoning Jesus over to her double-wide.

hueytown007: I would say jack the jail up and put her under it ! ….But I don’t think you can jack a jail up that high.

nosweettea: The illegal fled to keep from waking up in the morning looking at that thing. And a nut job is a direct threat to every one.

curvebo: If that hag likes mexicans so much then she should take her butt on down to mexico so she can have all of them she wants.

aubie86: I’ve seen some fine looking Mexican women as in HOT! Her husband needs glasses and the women is obviously a psycho.

I bet every one of those commentrs will be sitting in a pew tomorrow morning, professing their love for Jesus and their fellow man.

In a comment that’s much more relevant to the matter at hand, cluelessfossil wins the Comment of the Day Award:

I don’t condone what Ms. Morales allegedly said or did, nor do I condone threats and /or violence in any form, but I can’t help but think that if she had simply told the governor’s office staff that she was ready to “empty the clip and do what has to be done” she wouldn’t be in such a mess. Seems statements like that are perfectly acceptable in Montgomery. Or is that only when they are uttered by powerful Republicans and directed toward a powerless group of people? The irresponsible rhetoric emanating from those in positions of power and authority in this state sets a tone that fans the flames of hate and distrust and creates a smokescreen that hides the REAL problems facing the state and the nefarious schemes of the people in power.

Well said, cluelessfossil. I think you should change your handle to “clued-in”.


My OMG moment from yesterday: Judge Spanky Announces

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Or at least, that’s how an email from a friend described the article saying that yes, recently acquitted ex-judge Herman Thomas had declared for Vivian Figures’ seat. Sure, we’d all read that he was thinking about it, but I honest to God never thought he would. Supposedly one of his reasons is to set an example of public service for his twin daughters. You’d think those poor girls had been dragged through enough crap in the past couple of years, but I guess not.

Let me add that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of doubt that Thomas checked young male prisoners out of jail to bare-ass paddle them in his office. Okay? That’s established.  (more…)