Spencer Bachus, Your Adieu Is Long Overdue

Unlike most of y’all young whippersnappers, I remember when Spencer Bachus first ran for Congress back in 1992. As I recall, his platform consisted of two major things, prison for pregnant drug addicts who didn’t immediately get into all those available and affordable treatment facilities and TERM LIMITS. Correct me if I’m wrong Cialis – and you can remember back that far – but didn’t he say he’d retire after two terms?

Ten terms later, he’s still there. That fish was already starting to turn, but after this week’s revelations, it’s reeking. Time to go, Spencer. Take retirement and enjoy the fruits of your labors stock trades.

2 Responses to “Spencer Bachus, Your Adieu Is Long Overdue”

  1. Del says:

    I wonder if Mobile’s status as red-headed stepchild will come back to haunt Spencer, now that li’l Jo is head of the Ethics Committee.

  2. Kathy says:

    Hard to say. Will there be a little payback, or will Republican lockstep solidarity prevail? This could get very interesting.

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