Today in Radical Interpretation of the Text

Letter to the Editor in this morning’s Birmingham News:

With so many people unemployed in a struggling economy, Congress has nothing better to do than debate and pass a bill saying the national motto is “In God We Trust.” If only Congress did its job with integrity and justice for all so the people could say, “In Congress We Trust.”

Since the beginning of time, personal greed has driven mankind to be unkind.

Response from right-wing curmudgeon who, best I can tell, spends all his time leaving negative comments at*:

Strange the writer speaks of “integrity & Justice” when the democrats forced down our throats Obama Care and had the balls to tell us Volume Pills “pass it so we can see what’s in it”. The writer appears to be one of the Envy crowd the can’t stand the idea of a person creating wealth by hard work and not sitting on their butts waiting for someone to support them.

I’d say that’s worthy of at least a silver medal in the Long Jump to Conclusions category.


*Seriously, almost every time I read an online story or LTE at, this guy is the first or second commenter, and he always finds something negative to say. No matter the original subject, he has to get in a dig about Obama or socialism or lazy poor people – frequently all three at once.

4 Responses to “Today in Radical Interpretation of the Text”

  1. countrycat says:

    I had to quit reading the comments to preserve my sanity. :-)

  2. Kathy says:

    That’s probably best. I should stick to reading the stories on the mobile site – it doesn’t include comments.

  3. Bill says:

    You won’t listen to me on the subject. Please listen to countrycat.

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