Upside Down World

In Wisconsin, citizens can now carry concealed weapons into the state Assembly’s public galleries. They cannot, however, carry cameras into said public space, and doing so got eighteen activists arrested on Tuesday.

The Wisconsin Senate’s policy is a bit different; it doesn’t allow concealed weapons in the public galleries, but it does allow them on the Senate floor. Not being familiar with the building, I don’t know how one would get a concealed weapon onto the Senate floor without going through the public gallery, but I suppose the rule may limit potential shooters to the Senators themselves.

It is good to know that both policies allow individual legislators to decide whether or not visitors (and, presumably, employees) can carry concealed weapons into their offices. I do have a question, though. How will they know? Metal detectors for each office? Patdowns for every visitor?

I predict these policies will remain in effect until the first disgruntled citizen pulls a piece on an offending legislator. Assuming anyone manages to catch it on camera.

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  1. Del says:

    Obviously the answer is a camera that looks like a gun.

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