Cobb County GA, throbbing nexus of conservatism

Just back from visiting the in-laws, and this is the latest from their part of the world. 16-year-old driver turning left on a green light, misjudged, his mama who was riding shotgun died.

They were going to his orthodontist appointment.

So if your heart is not already clenching in agony at this sad little story…the Cobb County Police Levitra Online charged the boy with negligent homicide.

Yep. That’s what they did. To the credit of Cobb residents, there has been pretty much an outpouring of outrage. (Although my brother-in-law said one anonymous commenter typed, “The law is the law.”)

Hug your babies, y’all. Even your big babies. Because you never know, tomorrow they might be charged with your murder.

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  1. Paula says:

    Thanks for this post. This tragedy is unbelievable. People need to not only be aware, but speak out against this lack of common sense, of empathy. What has happened to our country? So very sad.

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