My OMG moment from yesterday: Judge Spanky Announces

Or at least, that’s how an email from a friend described the article saying that yes, recently acquitted ex-judge Herman Thomas had declared for Vivian Figures’ seat. Sure, we’d all read that he was thinking about it, but I honest to God never thought he would. Supposedly one of his reasons is to set an example of public service for his twin daughters. You’d think those poor girls had been dragged through enough crap in the past couple of years, but I guess not.

Let me add that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of doubt that Thomas checked young male prisoners out of jail to bare-ass paddle them in his office. Okay? That’s established.  They didn’t charge him with an ethics violation on that, though, because the statute of limitations had been allowed to expired. And the DNA of the, um, ejaculate on the carpet matching that of one of these red-bottomed young males? Nobody tried to explain that either.  But apparently here in Mobile, these things do not prevent you from being a viable candidate for the state Senate. Thank you Jesus!, as Judge Thomas’ many supporters would exclaim.

Oh, and one of those young male prisoners was Vivian Figures’ son. There are wheels within wheels here, but I don’t pretend to know a thing about the structure or hierarchy of “black Mobile society.” Hell, I can’t understand the white one.

I was kind of hoping Kathy would post something about this and I could get out of it. This is my district, y’all. Whee. Look forward to a long procession of humorous JD Crowe cartoons. And to Election Day, of course, when I can perform my increasingly futile civic duty.

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  1. Bill says:

    Never mind the payback comment. I’ll keep the domed stadium debacle over that clown. Although I expect plenty of quality snark from your direction….you’ve been given a rare opportunity with this guy!

  2. Kathy says:

    Is this some bizarre attempt at revenge? Does he think he will rehabilitate his reputation? And, the biggest question, does he have a chance in hell of winning?

    I feel for you — I really do — but it’s nice for once to have a scandalous campaign that doesn’t take place in Birmingham.

  3. Del says:

    Some people are saying it’s revenge, yes. He’s been disbarred IIRC, so I guess he can’t make money that way, at least not until/unless he gets his license back. So it might be that he feels he needs to do something dramatic to get his reputation back.

    He is a very sharp man – it’s not like these pathetic, perennial guys who register and print up a few thousand fliers to distribute with a blurry headshot and a lot of misspelled stuff in five different fonts about God and our children. I don’t think Thomas’d be doing this if he didn’t think he had a shot.

    There are a lot of black people in this district who think he was railroaded. He has done a whole lot for a lot of people on an individual basis over the years, people with long memories. Allen was just reading aloud an article from the morning paper, which of course I am unable to find on, in which political consultant Jonathan Gray said that this battle would be fought not on the airwaves but in the parking lots of churches and community centers and that 75% of Mobile will never know about it.

    Like they used to say: it’s a black thing. All we can do is sit here in our charming historic home with the hardwood floors and wait for the outcome. Kind of like waiting for the Massachusetts results! And then trying to second-guess what they were thinking in the “working-class strongholds.”

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